Divya Mohan
San Francisco Bay Area

It was such an amazing experience for me to present an hour-long concert at the Nandalala Mission Youth Concert series in 2009. They provided a beautiful venue, quality audio system and the friendly audience who came to my concert provided me ample encouragement to perform my best! Nandalala Mission concerts are usually well organized and attended by local music learners and teachers as well, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to them!


Narendra Jayaraman

I came to the US for a Master’s degree at a reputed Business school in Chicago. Being a new student entailed a certain degree of financial burden that had to be addressed in a timely manner. The educational assistance provided by Nandalala Mission was a true blessing since the funds were readily available to me within a few days of arrival, thus helping me to quickly register and pay for my courses in the first semester.

Dawn Frownfelter
Family Giving Tree, San Francisco Bay Area

Thank you, Nandalala Mission again, for donating 125 backpacks to these students. Now that they have the materials they need, they are much more likely to have a successful school year.


Sri Amma has been the guiding light of my life. I truly am blessed to have known her and to be part of her organization called Nandalala Mission

Deepa Lakshminarayanan

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to host the MatruSeva Brown bag sevas at my home for over 4 years. This has been a wonderful way to get a lot of kids of all ages  in our neighborhood to join together to give back to the community. This exposes them at an early age to the concept of helping the less fortunate which I hope they will carry forward in their lives as well. I would like to thank Nandalala Mission for giving me this wonderful & satisfying opportunity.

Madhu Vijay

We are indeed fortunate to have an organization like the Nandalala mission in the US. They are doing an outstanding job of prompting Indian classical arts in the US by giving an opportunity to the talented youth of the bay area to show case their talents. Their efforts has helped motivate and encourage the youth and  has also helped spread the awareness of Indian classical music in the USA. Excellent work. Keep it up!!

Srikant & Latha

Nandalala is a great forum for young children to showcase their talent and build their confidence presenting to an audience. The home environment also makes it feel very natural. We are very thankful to the organization and Gayathri for making this possible month over month. Our best wishes for this effort to continue for years to come

Jaya Narahari

Nandalala mission is providing a great opportunity to the upcoming youngsters by arranging programs like this.  Also, youngsters get to know about what other upcoming artists are there and what are they upto etc etc.  This is a great opportunity for experiencing what a concert is for the youngsters. A great platform for the upcoming artists.  Congratulations to the organisers and the performers!

Lakshmi Prasanna

As a follower of this youth concert series, we have attended several performances in the past couple of years. 
Nandala mission has provided a qualitative platform for aspring young artists. Nandalala mission provide a relaxing and encouraging environment for the performers and a very friendly venue for the audience. Youth concerts bring in new faces to the mission and they are given introduction on the good cause of the mission in the beginning thus familiarizing the cause of their missionary and their various activities and services. 
At a personal level,  my daughter and myself have enjoyed the concerts and my daughter is inspired by the talents exhibited by performers coming from different backgrounds. At the same time, we have also participated and supported few events conducted by Nandalala in the past few years. 
We wish and support Nandalala to continue to hold youth concert series to encourage young talents and to keep up their missionary work


Maya had a great experience performing at Nandalala. That was her first ever performance. It is so wonderful for Nandalala to give opportunities and a platform for children to perform. They feel very encouraged and build their confidence.
Thank you!

Rupali Diwan
San Ramon

My son Nandan used to go to Nandalala children's club for 2 years in San Ramon. Ms. Vaishnavi and Mr. Srini are very devoted volunteers. Nandan had really enjoyed the moral stories from Indian mythology and great leaders. He and his friends had worked on puppets and performed plays on the stories of Ganesha and Krishna. This children's club is a really good opportunity for young kids to explore the Indian culture and traditions through shlokas, stories, arts, and crafts.

Niveditha Muthukrishnan

Even today, higher education for girls is not regarded as important, especially when it involves huge sums of money in it. I am very grateful for Nandalala Mission (NM) for helping me pursue my Masters in the US regardless of coming from a middle income family. The money was also timely sanctioned and disbursed which increased the confidence and concentration in my courses and to an extent reduced the financial (interest payment) burden for my family. It has definitely increased my sense of commitment towards this education because of the trust NM volunteers have on me in offering this loan. This Master's program has not been just my dream but that of my whole family's, and this financial assistance has helped me through achieving it. Once again, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to this continuing support. With blessings of Nandalala and Akka, I would definitely work hard to make this difference in another child's education, just like Nandalala Mission.


Nandalala Mission, CA, is the hallmark in excellence when it comes to service towards humanity.  I have had the good fortune to be a volunteer a few times and have been amazed at the unconditional commitment group has displayed..  We live in a time where we are perpetually pressed for time.  Yet, the group does not spare opportunity to serve the community with utmost graciousness and passion.

Nandalala Mission has also been an anchor in providing a platform to young artistes in the bay area.  There are several organizations who support music but what impressed me most is that Nandalala Mission encourages all young musicians – Indian and Western.  Indian children being raised in the US need community support to help them develop a sense of pride for their own culture and this is where Nandalala has been very instrumental in successfully organizing several concerts and awarding the young musicians with a certificate and trophy.  This goes a long way for a young child who is ambivalent when it comes to embracing their roots in a foreign land.  They gain self confidence and poise when their talent is brought out by an organization like Nandalala.

My sincere wishes to Nandalala Mission and its incredible volunteers.  A truly great organization with such inspiring volunteers

Asha Ramesh, Ragamalika School of Music

It is indeed my honor and joy to be associated with Nandalala Mission, it's founder Pujayshri Mathioli and Smt. Gayathri. This organization has been instrumental in providing a platform for young and upcoming talents. Their support in every form of art, along with community service opportunities to the youth has enabled the children to understand and appreciate their Indian culture and the importance of giving back!!
On behalf of Ragamalika school of Music, I would like to congratulate Nandalala Mission for their dedication and commitment. Wishing you more glorious years ahead!



"Mom, What's dialysis?", asked my daughter, Janani, after her Nandala Mission concert in June of 2010.  Janani has an aunt (my cousin), who needed dialysis then and subsequently has had a successful kidney transplant in the US, so she was not entirely unfamiliar with the idea, but she wanted to know details.  While I went on to explain the details, she was saddened that there were many patients in India who did not have the same access to care that her aunt here did. I was glad to note that she had paid attention to the volunteer who had spoken at length prior to her concert about the various activities Nandalala Mission was involved with especially the Suraksha Dialysis program.

On a related note, I must also mention that the attitude of the volunteers is amazing. I do not know if Gayathri remembers that we exchanged a number of mails regarding the date of my daughter's program. So when it became apparent that the date that suited us, Gayathri would not be in town, she very generously opened the doors to her house, assuring me that the volunteers would be there to keep everything ready. The program went off as planned with volunteers chipping in and ready with a pleasant smile, encouraging my daughter, Janani, in her first ever solo  program. I love the fact that the concerts are held at a house, making the children less likely to feel nervous.

So while many of our friends and relatives may have attended the program to support my daughter, I hope many of them took home the same message of service and SEVA that Nandalala Mission spreads.
I'd also like to think that Janani learnt more than how to conduct herself in a conduct and perform on stage! A big thank you to Nandalala Mission for providing the platform

Rallapalli and Kadiyala Families

We are thankful to Nandalala Mission for giving our children the opportunity to participate in the Youth Concert Series.
In a serene environment around the beautiful Puja Mandir, children shared their musical talent by singing in front of a very appreciative audience.  Concerts like Nandala Youth Concert Series are important stepping stones for the children, to express themselves, while continuing to learn from their gurus.  The children felt very encouraged with the performance at Nandalala. This will definitely motivate them to sing more for the community in future.
Thank you, Nandalala!