Usha Sriram

Usha has been blessed to know Pujya Shri Amma from 1995. During her visit to Southern California in 1996, Pujya Shri Amma speech to a small group of devotees on “The importance of lighting the lamp” humbled her deeply as it was a form of worship that she had deviated from. Subsequently Pujya Shri Amma initiated Nandalala Mission’s LA chapter and the annual Deepa Pooja.
In Usha’s words, “Sri Amma has been my Guru, my mentor, my guiding light in all aspects of my life, I feel her presence with me at all times, I am so Blessed to have had her grace in my life. I wish to continue my support of Nandalala Mission as much as I can. My Namaskarams to Pujya Shri Amma”.

Professionally, Usha, has been a Real Estate Agent in Southern California serving families with their real estate needs since 1992.