Rupa & Vijay Sethna

Rupa Sethna

Rupa and Vijay  have been associated with the Nandalala Mission and its activities for over 15 years, One of the projects that Rupa loves doing is working closely with the Abode Services ( and ensures that as part of our  Bala Krishna  monthly activities we provide milk, butter and bananas to this shelter. Additionally she collects garments offered at our monthly Shri Satyanarayan Likhit Puja and delivers them to this shelter. Vijay’s passion is in Matru Seva activities. Both Rupa and Vijay have also actively participated in the Mission’a  annual Back-to-School program. Over the years, the Mission has provided over  750 gallons of milk, 100 garments, 10,000 meals and 1000 backpacks containing a years supply of stationeries