Youth on Youth – Concert Reviews

Youth Reviewers:

Anirudh Ramadurai has been a student of Sri Paduka Academy since 2009 and is ever grateful to his gurus, Sri. Hari Devanath and Sri. Vivek Sundararaman for instilling the passion for Carnatic Music in him.  He also learns to play the Veena from Guru Sri. Srikanth Chary which complements his vocal training. Anirudh enjoys participating and representing his music school at various community musical events.

Anirudh is a dedicated Boy Scout and holds the rank of a First Class Scout.  He is currently a 7th grader at Almaden Country School

Sashwat Mahalingam is a 9th grader at Evergreen Valley High School. He began his musical journey under the tutelage of Late Smt. Hema Sista, from whom he learnt for 7 years. He has now been under the tutelage of Sri. Hari Devanath and Sri. Vivek Sundararaman of Sri Paduka Academy for the last 1 year. Apart from being an avid music fan, he enjoys writing articles, programming/coding in different languages such as HTML, and taking part in his school’s Speech and Debate Club.

Now for the reviews…..