Youth Concerts

The Youth Concert program is a monthly event arranged by the Nandalala Mission volunteers of the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides an encouraging environment, where children who have been trained in any form of music or dance can display their accomplishment in front of a live audience.

Since the concerts are typically held in a home environment, the size of audience is limited. The program lasts for an hour, and a participant performs for a whole hour, or two for a half-hour slot each.  The performers are expected to:

1.  Arrange their own accompanists (contact Nandalala Mission if you need to find one)

2.  Prepare a one hour program

3.  Include a biographical talk on any composer for 5 mins

4.  Lead the audience in a Bhajan towards the end of the concert.

Music and dance school teachers may write to us at  to arrange for a scheduled event.

Nandalala Mission volunteers take care of organizing the event, providing the forum, and providing light refreshments after the program.

Performers will be awarded a token of appreciation by Nandalala Mission.  A number of concerts have been held so far, beginning in 2004, typically on a Sunday afternoon every month.

Since 2016, the youth concert series has also extended another opportunity for our youth, to honor our Founder, Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy who is an eminent writer and her vision to inspire children to become dynamic communicators, through their written work.  Youth audience members are encouraged to cover the concert through a review – and we are heartened to see the enthusiastic response to this project.  Please look at the reviews posted here!