Likhit Satyanarayan Puja

Come, Write to Lord Narayana!

PujyaShri Amma (Mathioli Saraswathy)  has suggested that Likitha Satyanarayan Puja may be performed every month. She has advised that people can meet on a suitable day and perform Likhita Japa (writing the Mantra) in silence for about forty five minutes, followed by a chanting of Shri Vishnu Sahasra Naam. PujyaShri Amma has provided further definition about different Mantras suitable for Likhita Japa, Vastram and Prasad to be offered to Lord Narayana. Suggested donation for the puja is 10/- dollars per family.  All donations to Nandalala Mission are tax-deductible.  Donate Now!

Accordingly, Likhita Satyanarayan Puja is being performed each month in San Ramon, CA. Each month devotees take turn to offer Vastram and Prasad. Vastram, normally a shirt, is then donated to a homeless shelter.

If you wish to attend the puja, offer Prasad or Vastram to the Lord, please contact Namrata or Umesh Apte on 925-355-9545 or via e-mails ,

For a list of Likhit Satyanarayan Puja, see: Religious Calendar