Project Sunshine

Inculcating Responsibility and Empathy in the Younger Generation While Caring for the Elderly

One of the growing concerns in developed societies is the loneliness individuals experience. The elderly are the most affected, and all they need is for someone to spend some time with them. What better way to reach out to them than with children who can be viewed as akin to their own grandchildren or great grandchildren? Project Sunshine began March 2016 with a dual purpose: to alleviate the loneliness amongst seniors while helping children develop a sense of responsibility through nurturing and caring elders.

The senior center is a small facility with 4-6 seniors currently living there. So far, one teenager accompanied by a parent visits the center once every fortnight to play board games or word games or conduct simple art & craft projects with the seniors. There are plans to increase the frequency once additional youngsters are trained for such activities.



Get Involved

  • Get your teen to be trained
  • Co-ordinate sessions
  • Identify additional facilities