Nandalala Youth Music Group – Florida

Encouraging Budding Musicians

Nandalala Youth Music Group of Florida was founded in 2005 under the guidance of Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy.

The aim of the Nandalala Youth Music Group is to provide opportunities every month to musically inclined youths to sing, dance, and render devotional songs with correct shruti and taalam to the accompaniments of instrumental music. Performances last for at least half an hour in front of interested parents. It gives a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talents in a nurturing atmosphere.

Following the main performance, other interested children present at the concert are encouraged to dance or render short songs. This endearing atmosphere puts all children at ease and the encouragement has made even the most reluctant, timid child come out of his or her shell and perform on stage, thus paving the way for his or her artistic journey.

In order to have a regular monthly schedule of concerts in Florida, we started RAGAM-based concerts in 2017. Instead of 1 main performer, 5 to 7 main singers perform, each of whom sings various kiranas in the same raga. We are also introducing music-based quizzes for keeping children more interested and involved.

In addition to organizing monthly concerts, Nandalala Youth Music Group of Florida also organizes fundraisers for the benefit of Nandalala Charitable activities in India. We had fundraisers in 2010, 2013, and 2016. During the 2016 fundraising event, we also raised funds by releasing a souvenir commemorating the tenth anniversary of Nandalala Youth Music Group – Florida.

This souvenir presents a collection of success and inspirational stories of children who have performed at events sponsored by Nandalala Music Group of Florida. It is very heartening to read their accounts of their experiences and how they continue to be inspired by them even today. It is quite a keepsake as it includes our founder's pictures and profile.

Get Involved

  • Enroll your child
  • Attend the sessions regularly
  • Be a guest story teller
  • Run the arts project for a session