Matruseva – San Francisco

Serving the Community with a Mother's Love

A mother providing unconditional love to her children and good nourishment for her child is a primary desire.

Matruseva, which is made up of Matru (Motherly) and Seva (Service), refers to both the love and the service that a mother provides to her children. It is absolutely unconditional and often provided even before it is asked for. Our founder, Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy, has established this service program to extend this ideology. Matruseva programs have been conducted in our parent organization, Nandalala Seva Samithi in India, for several years. 

Under this umbrella, various programs are conducted by teams of Nandalala Mission volunteers across the country to provide food and nourishment to the needy in the community and across the world.

We have been serving various homeless shelters and service centers in the Bay Area for last 18 years. They include the James F. Boccardo Regional Reception Center in San Jose, CA, Abode Services in Fremont, CA, and much more.

The services we have provided include cooking and serving hot breakfast and meals, providing dairy supplies and other grocery items, delivering pre-packaged sandwich bags containing a fruit and a juice box, and packing ingredients to prepare a hot meal.


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