Bliss Yoga

Striving for a Better Body and Mind with Hatha Yoga

“Bliss Yoga” is the name for classical Hatha Yoga classes conducted in East Bay (San Ramon) as part of Nandalala Mission’s health initiatives. These classes are taught by Subramanian Yegneswaran (Vasanth), a registered yoga teacher and student of Shri Purushotham Pottahil.

“Bliss Yoga” was conceptualized for the purpose of increasing awareness about health and taking a positive step towards improving one’s health.

The classes are conducted as an 8-week course with meetings one hour once a week. The classes are structured for teens and adults and customized to the needs of the students. There are nominal fees for the sessions.

Each session begins with a warm up and focuses on the breath and a unique blend of yoga postures and exercises, which are guaranteed to revitalize students and help them gain strength and flexibility in their body. As long as the weather permits, the yoga sessions will continue to be held outdoors, helping students draw inspiration from the strong trees or the nimble backyard creatures.

Nandalala Mission is on the lookout for a low-cost indoor facility to enable this to be run through the year. In case you would like to suggest a venue in San Ramon or Dublin area, please contact

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