Adding Life to Life

Spreading Awareness on Health

Adding Life to Life is a Health & Wellness program organized by Nandalala Mission. This program is an interactive presentation on various topics related to health and wellness. Doctors or individuals specialized in particular fields of medicine or other health-related areas are invited to speak and answer questions and concerns from the audience. This program began in June of 2013.

So far, we have had eminent speakers covering a wide range of health related topics.

  • Dr.Lalitha Thambi MD -  Topic: General Health & Awareness
  • Dr.Raji MD - Topic: Cancer - How it affects and treatment
  • Dr.V.Mohan MD - Topic: Stomach related Ailments
  • Dr.Pankaj Vij MD - Topic: Weight and Stress Management
  • Dr.Cherry Lin MD - Topic: Osteoarthritis
  • Dr.Jagdish Kohli PhD- Topic: The Nature of Human Minds