Nandalala Children’s Club

At Nandalala Children’s club, we strive to

  • Create an awareness of Indian culture and traditions, history, and geography through interactive storytelling, hands-on arts & crafts, and simple yoga, meditation, and shlokas
  • Instill community service principles through monthly meal packing programs.
  • Nurture creativity through performances
  • Enthuse young minds through group discussions

We meet twice a month in the San Ramon area.

For all those who would like their child(ren) to participate, please email or call Vaishnavi Ravindran at (862) 228-0638

Nandalala Children’s Club FAQs

  • What is Nandalala Mission?

Nandalala Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing children’s fullest potential through educational, cultural, physical, and service-oriented activities. The Mission and its parent organization in Chennai were founded by Pujyashri Mathioli R. Saraswathy.

  • What is Nandalala Children’s Club?

Nandalala Children’s Club is part of the bigger umbrella of Nandalala Mission. We strive to create awareness of the Indian Culture and traditions among our children.

  • How do you create this awareness among children?

We follow a simple schedule focusing on the following key areas:

– Basic yoga and meditation

– Chanting of simple Shlokas

– Stories and moral stories from Indian mythology/near-term/contemporary history

– Hands-on, simple arts and crafts tied to an Indian cultural theme

– Plays or puppet shows that the children perform

– Celebrate birthdays of prominent Indians who had a big impact on the culture/tradition/future of India

– Encourage children in researching and presenting some of the topics above

– We also try to correlate the traditional Indian practices, stories to modern morals, to day-to-day life or modern scientific principles to highlight the importance of these practices

  • How do I join?

Send an email to and schedule a trial session. After the trial, we request a commitment of 6 months before you register.

  • Do I pay any fees to join?

There are no fees for participation. Occasionally we will require parents to share the cost of materials. Voluntary donations to the Mission are most welcome.

Voluntary donations to the Mission are most welcome.

  • Do I need to buy books or material for my children?

We do not require attendees to buy books or material as of now. As mentioned above, we may occasionally request that parents share expenses for materials for arts, supplies, etc.

  • How often does the club meet?

We meet twice a month for 1.5 hours either Weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. We meet in the San Ramon area.

  • Who will be conducting these sessions?

This is a completely volunteer-run activity and the volunteers are a group of like-minded parents with children participating in the sessions as well.

  • Can I contribute to this effort?

You can support Nandalala Mission through your tax-deductible donations. We would require volunteers for special events and you can sign up based on your availability.

  • How long have you been doing this?

Our parent organization in Chennai, India started with a children’s club more than 25 years ago and continue to be actively engaged with children’s activities. Locally, there was a previous Nandalala Children’s Club in the Bay Area. Our current model has been established since October 2013.

  • Do you go on field trips?

Field trips would be parent accompanied outings and will be organized if there is sufficient interest.

  • Why should my child come to Nandalala Children’s Club over the other programs conducted by other organizations?

Our focus is on establishing a well-rounded awareness of our Indian roots and is not limited to religious activities. Of course, our activities often refer to Hindu festivals and traditions. We believe this helps most children to love and appreciate our heritage while having fun.

  • How can I find out more about Nandalala Children’s Club?

You can send an email to with your questions. Once your children are part of the activities, we will also send updates via Facebook or WhatsApp.