“Jaggery,” Nandalala Mission’s Newsletter

About Jaggery

“Jaggery” is the monthly e-newsletter of Nandalala Mission, USA. Aptly named by our Founder Pujyashri Mathioli R. Saraswathy, “Jaggery” reflects and echoes Nandalala Mission’s core activities and purpose. Jaggery (called ‘vellam’ in Tamil) is a natural Indian sweetener that provides wholesome nutrition, has amazing medicinal properties, and is a divine ingredient offered to the almighty.

Very similarly, the Nandalala Mission was founded to enrich and sweeten lives through community service (backpack drives, student scholarships, etc.), provide wholesome nutrition to all (Matru Seva), and heal lives through awareness projects like ‘Adding life to life.’ Most importantly, Nandalala Mission aims to infuse divinity in our lives through all its endeavors with the grace of the divine mother Pujyasri Mathioli R.Saraswathy.

Monthly editions of Jaggery newsletters are listed below.

Newsletter for the fifteenth edition of Jaggery, March 2016Jaggery Vol. 15

Newsletter for the fourteenth edition of Jaggery, December 2015Jaggery Vol. 14

Newsletter for the thirteenth edition of Jaggery, October 2015Jaggery Vol. 13

Newsletter for the twelfth edition of Jaggery, September 2015Jaggery Vol. 12

Newsletter for the eleventh edition of Jaggery, August 2015Jaggery Vol. 11

Newsletter for the tenth edition of Jaggery, July 2015Jaggery Vol. 10

Newsletter for the ninth edition of Jaggery, June 2015Jaggery Vol. 9

Newsletter for the eighth edition of Jaggery, May 2015Jaggery Vol. 8

Newsletter for the seventh edition of Jaggery, April 2015Jaggery Vol. 7

Newsletter for the sixth edition of Jaggery, March 2015Jaggery Vol. 6

Newsletter for the fifth edition of Jaggery, February 2015: Jaggery Vol. 5

Newsletter for the fourth edition of Jaggery, January 2015: Jaggery Vol. 4

Newsletter for the third edition of Jaggery, December 2014: Jaggery Vol. 3

Newsletter for the second edition of Jaggery, November 2014: Jaggery Vol. 2

The first edition of Jaggery was published in commemoration of Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy’s birthday on Oct 9th, 2014 in the October 2014 newsletter: Jaggery Vol. 1