Poet, Artist, Writer

A Poet, Artist, Writer

akka2k.jpgAkka has been writing under the name of Mathioli Saraswathy for many years. She is a prolific writer, having penned many poems, songs, prayers, stories for children and adults, as well as philosophical commentaries in Tamil. Some of her books have been translated into English as well.

In 1998 and 1999, she was awarded the national NCERT award by the Indian Government for her books for children.

It has been a tradition for over two decades for one of her books to be published on Christmas Day every year. The latest release was on December 25, 2001, titled “Solla Koodatha” in Tamil, meaning “Can’t tell?”. Books are also released on other days of significance to the Nandalala family of Organizations.

The unique feature of her books is that each one of them is a work of art as well. Carefully thought out and published, the material is presented in a manner that beckons one to pick up the book and enjoy reading.