Community Service


Akka’s Community Services

Sri Akka is an intellectual, with a firm belief that children can be educated by proper guidelines. With this objective, She has written over 30 books for the children and their parents. Many of her projects involve the education, nurturing and appreciation of children.

She has involved women in the revival and practice of the ancient arts of Rangoli and Tanjore paintings.

She has been instrumental in womens health issues, arranging for symposiums on Osteoporosis and other conditions that women need to be educated on to better take care of themselves.

She has been at the forefront in preserving the cultural heritage of our ancestors, by reviving age-old values and giving new meaning to them in the modern world of today.

She reaches out to a wide section of people through the Nandalala Family of Organizatons in the India and in the US.

For many, Sri Akka is the teacher, the Guru. She shows the right and righteous path to be followed, not by her words, but by example, in the exemplary way she lives her life.