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"Enrich the lives of the less fortunate." - Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy

Nandalala Mission was founded on the principles of enriching the lives of those around us. With that in mind, most of our programs are service oriented, by giving children a hands-on opportunity to be involved in the act of giving. Organizers lead activities in meal packing, cooking at homeless shelters, delivering lunch sacks; where children actively participate in preparation, serving, and delivering the food. Kids who have grown up in the program lead the younger ones in a spirit of role modeling while learning valuable life skills and giving back to the community!

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  • Matruseva- Berkeley Food Pantry

    The UC Berkeley Food Pantry is a direct response to the need among the student and staff population for more resources to fight food insecurity––the lack of nutritious food.
    Nandalala Mission is supporting The UC Berkeley Food Pantry under our MatruSeva initiative through donations.

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  • Matruseva – New Jersey

    Every month we pack over 100 brown bag lunches and deliver to a soup kitchen. Volunteers meet on a Sunday morning to pack lunches and they are
    delivered to the soup kitchen in the afternoon. Lots of kids in the neighborhood volunteer and participate in this activity which has been going on for many years.

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  • Matruseva – San Francisco

    Matruseva meaning Motherly (Matru) Service (Seva) refers to both the love, and the service that a mother provides to her children. Under the ‘Matruseva’ umbrella, various programs are conducted by teams of Nandalala Mission volunteers across the country to provide food and nourishment to the needy, in the community and across the world.

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  • Project Sunshine

    Project Sunshine was started in March 2016 with a dual purpose- one to alleviate the loneliness amongst the seniors, while children develop a sense of responsibility, nurturing and caring towards the elders.

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  • Balakrishna Project

    The BalaKrishna Project in the SF Bay area is one of the oldest ongoing programs since 2002. Individuals donate milk and butter to the homeless shelter. The Mission has been actively supporting this program at The Abode Center on Brown Street in Fremont.

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  • Back-to-School Drive – San Francisco

    The back to school drive is the only annual fundraiser event of Nandalala Mission. Every year, volunteers drive the effort to contact underfunded schools and work directly with the school administration team to gather a list of most needed things for the upcoming academic year.

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  • Matruseva: Meal-Packing at Kids Against Hunger Bay Area

    Meal packing at Kids Against Hunger Bay Area is one of the many Matruseva initiatives. Matruseva is serving with mother’s love and we endeavor to apply that principle in our meal packing programs.

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