Los Angeles Area

The southern California chapter of the Nandalala Mission was founded in 1999, and serves the communities in the greater Los Angeles area.

One of the distinguishing events that the volunteers of the southern California mission conduct every year is the beautiful Deepa Pooja, the Prayer of the Holy Lamps. It is an annual event conducted at twilight, and the prayer is performed by 108 families.  Check out Pujyashri AKKA’s thoughts on Deepa Pooja

The southern California chapter also organizes a number of community service events in the local area:

1.  Matru seva is held at the Union Station adult center in Pasadena, located at:

412 S.Raymond ave, Pasadena, CA 91105.

Nandalala Mission provides breakfast on the fourth Sunday of the odd month – Jan, March, May, July, Sept, November.    To participate or to sponsor please contact Dr. Senthilkumar via email at nandalalamission.la@gmail.com or through his cell 213-219-1970.
2.  Annual Backpack drive is coordinated by Nirupama Senthilkumar.  Please contact her via  email at nandalalamission.la@gmail.com.  This service is usually offered in summer (July/August) to prepare under privileged students for the school year.