The Nandalala Mission is involved in a number of social, educational, youth, humanitarian, medical, and religious activities.

Youth-oriented activities include the Youth Concert Series where children are given an opportunity to display their musical talent in an encouraging environment of a house concert. The Youth Concert program is a monthly event arranged by the Nandalala Mission volunteers of the San Francisco Bay Area and New Jersey. For more information about participation, please see the Youth Concert Series page.

Both children and adults participate in the local area community services twice every month, typically by either delivering packaged food or cooking on premises at a number of local community shelters. For more information about this activity, please see the Community Meal Service page.

The Mission participates in a number of humanitarian and social services such as the Habitat for Humanity Project and providing timely relief during major natural disasters like the 2005 Tsunami, the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Sandy. In India, the Mission is involved in educational outreach and medical outreach for the poor in villages.

The Nandalala Mission also conducts a number of religious activities, both in the U.S. (in the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles) and abroad. Here is a summary of the most recent religious events.