Announcement - May 9, 2018

Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy has returned to Her divine abode

Our Founder

Born on October 9, 1940, to Mrs. Jayalakshmi and Mr. T.S. Ramachandran, Sri. Akka was no ordinary child. The divinity within her was first revealed by none other than the great saint, the “Paramacharya,” Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi, Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, as the Power Incarnate of Sri Akhilandeswari of Thirvanaikovil.

From a very young age, she has tirelessly lent herself to consoling, comforting, and healing the thousands of people who come to her daily. She provides solace to restless, troubled minds. She patiently listens to all the outpourings of the needy who come to her and alleviates their grief… and that gentle smile never slips off her serene countenance.

She shares a special bond with every individual. She is a sister to one, a mother to another, a guru (teacher) to yet another, a friend to some… She is Everything to many. Thus, she continues in her efforts to build a better world for everyone, especially the children who are the citizens of tomorrow, through various activities that stimulate their minds and delights their senses. She progresses towards the creating of this, her own “Utopia,” through the Krishna temple, Nandalala Seva Samithi and Nandalala Mission.

“Nothing is impossible” was the title of her first poem. That remains her philosophy in life. And with her beside us, nothing seems impossible. She is, indeed, a special person, our very own Akka: one in many… many in one R. K. Swami writes in the foreword of “Pranamamyaham,” as follows:

Sri Amma’s divine personality is so well established. We are indeed a blessed lot to be living around this time when She is in our midst. Most people know Her as a simple lady who is a friend, a philosopher, and a guide to them. She leads a simple life, living with us as one of us.

Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy has dedicated her life to the service of humanity. Through Nandalala Seva Samithi Trust, Nandalala Medical Foundation, Yogasaras Educational Academy, Suraksha Dialysis Center in India and through Nandalala Mission in the USA, she has fostered several programs in educational, medical, cultural and nutritional fields to benefit the communities we live in.  

Akka has been writing under the name of Mathioli Saraswathy for many years. She is a prolific writer, having penned many poems, songs, prayers, stories for children and adults, as well as philosophical commentaries in Tamil. Some of her books have been translated into English as well.

In 1998 and 1999, she was awarded the national NCERT award by the Indian Government for her books for children.

It has been a tradition for over two decades for one of her books to be published on Christmas Day every year.  Books are also released on other days of significance to the Nandalala family of Organizations.

The unique feature of her books is that each one of them is a work of art as well. Carefully thought out and published, the material is presented in a manner that beckons one to pick up the book and enjoy reading.