• Matruseva – San Francisco

    Matruseva meaning Motherly (Matru) Service (Seva) refers to both the love, and the service that a mother provides to her children. Under the 'Matruseva' umbrella, various programs are conducted by teams of Nandalala Mission volunteers across the country to provide food and nourishment to the needy, in the community and

  • Youth Concert Series – San Francisco

    The Youth Concert program is a monthly event arranged by the Nandalala Mission volunteers of the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides an encouraging environment, where children who have been trained in any form of music or dance can display their accomplishment in front of a live audience.

  • Bliss Yoga

    Bliss yoga : Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that combines physical exercise with meditative posters and breathing routines. Yoga is for everyone, youths, adults and even old. Yoga makes you supple, soothes the mind and strengthens the body! Come join us for classical Hath Yoga classes! Stay tuned for