• Nandalala Children’s Corner – Los Angeles

    This is a forum for children to learn aspects of Sanatan Dharma through stories and music

  • Nandalala Youth Music Group – Florida

    The aim of the Nandalala Youth Music Group is to provide opportunities every month to musically inclined youths to sing/dance/render devotional songs with correct shruthi, thalam to the accompaniments of instrumental music for at least half an hour in front of interested parents.

  • Youth Concert Series – San Francisco

    The Youth Concert program is a monthly event arranged by the Nandalala Mission volunteers of the San Francisco Bay Area. It provides an encouraging environment, where children who have been trained in any form of music or dance can display their accomplishment in front of a live audience.

  • Nandalala Children’s Club – Bay Area

    At the children's club we strive to create an awareness of Indian culture and traditions, history, and geography through interactive storytelling, hands-on arts & crafts, performances, simple yoga, meditation, and shlokas.