Wishes-As Wished (June 2013, Trinity Church)

“Wishes as Wished” – A Unique interactive session with Her Holiness Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy, June 2013 at Trinity Church, Sunnyvale, California, USA.

This excerpt from Day 1 was originally posted 2019/10/09


This excerpt from Day 2 was published New Year 2020!


In this session, many facets of Pujya Shri Akka shines through!

  • Encouraging children
  • Enjoying children
  • Supporting children
  • Brimming with love for all of us
  • Suggesting we seek new knowledge and experiences every day
  • Imploring all of us to share what we learn with others
  • Call to action:  Develop public speaking skills
  • Uplifting us – giving opportunities to children and adults alike
  • Imparting deep knowledge and wisdom in easy to understand manner
  • Teaching us to be adaptable to situations and times – using western references, English, analogies
  • Occasionally speaking in English!
  • Marvelous story telling – wisdom is best imparted in stories!
  • Wonderful play of words, meanings…
  • Making us feel Pujya Shri AKKA is talking to each of us individually…
  • Infectious Humor!
  • A touching conclusion…
  • We are truly blessed.

Mathioli Sharanam


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