Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Promise


In 2012 a group of Nandajis had the privilege of travelling with Sri Akka on a spiritual tour of coastal Gujarat – Somnath to Dwarka. I was fortunate to be the one in the Group.

In Dwarka there is a unique place to witness Sun Set near the seashore. It is an elevated place from the shore and on the shore, there was a Siva Temple.

We were about 19 in number and Sri Akka asked everyone to go down the steps and offer prayers to Lord Shiva at the time of sun set.

I told Sri Akka: “I do not want to leave You alone and want to be with You to witness the glorious sight of a huge orange ball like Sun slowly diving into the Arabic Ocean off Gujarat coast.”
As Sri Akka was viewing this scene, I told Her that during the tri-kala sandayavandan, Sun is viewed as Lord Brahma during sunrise, as Lord Sada Siva during noon and as Narayana when Sun sets. As if She was hearing this concept for the first time She smiled like a child and said, “Oh I am going to see Sriman Narayana now”. She asked me to chant Gayathri mantra and got engrossed in seeing Her Brother Lord Narayana in the form of Sun which appeared as a disc resembling Chakrayudha of Lord Narayana.

Slowly She turned to me and asked whether I wanted to say something. I told Her,

“Akka, I have nothing to seek as you know what is good for me and bestowing the same on me. Yet I want to share something about people seeking salvation, moksha etc. so that they don’t have to be reborn.
“To me when I am with You or in contemplation of You, that is Moksha; When I am not with You or in meditation of You I am away from Moksha and probably in hell. My prayer to you on behalf of this Group and on behalf of all Nandajis who are not present here, is that just like we are with You in this Avatar of MathiOli, we should be with You in all of your Avatars. If we get the boon of ‘no-birth’ we will feel like in hell, when you descend from the celestial aboard to the earth for another Avatar”.

“Sri Akka looked at me in absolute compassion flowing from Her captivating eyes. Placed Her right palm on my right palm; Shankar, this is a promise in the presence of Narayana who is in the form of setting sun. All of you will always be with Me. All of your next births will be more blessed, and you will all be present with me in all my Avatars”

I was in tears and uttered that like Gopikas to Lord Krishna we will always be with You in thought and action in all your Avatars. She sweetly nodded and said:

“You (i.e. all Nandajis) can never be separated from Me nor I will separate from you”.

“I may be in this body or I may be in ‘Sukshma’. I will be in the air you breath; I will be in the Prana you inhale and exhale; I will be the beauty of all natural sceneries you see; I will be the fragrance in the flowers you smell; I will be in the sound wave you hear; I will be in the water you bathe in or drink; I will be in the food you eat; I will be in the Sun during the day; I will be in the Moon and stars in the night; I will be in the lightning when there are dark clouds. You can feel me in any of these objects and communicate with me all the time. My response to your communications will be in the decisions you take surrendering your intellect to me”.

‘You all should always be united and engage whole-heartedly in ‘Manusha Seva’ as much as all of you can. That is the only expectation I have from all of you”.

The above is just not an utterance but a sweet and short ‘MathiOli Gita’, which I was fortunate to receive in the very place of Lord Krishna’s abode of Dwarka.

After this Gita, She asked me to go down the steps and perform prayers to Lord Shiva and that She would be part of me when offering prayers.

The above experience is humbly shared with all Nandajis, so that each one of us can take refuge and comfort in this unique Promise and resolve to continue all welfare activities of Nandalala Institutions with more vigour and involvement. This alone will be true ‘Anjali’ to Her.

Shankar, Bangalore
19th May 2018.


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    ஶ்ரீஅக்காவின் சன்னதி விஸேஷம் மகத்தான து…அனுபவங்களோமிகப் புனிதமானது.பூர்வபுண்யமே நம்மை அவரிடம் சேர்த்த து….

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