Mother’s Day Poetic Offerings

A minute does not pass
Without Sri Amma in our thoughts
Your Grace, Love and Kindness
Made us all who we are
You are in your words
Our Guide in this worldly path
In each step we take
We hold you firmly in our hearts
Strengthened by your teachings
Inspired by your love
We will strive forward
As we celebrate your presence
On this wonderful Mother’s Day




Just like a candle that burns itself on both ends, to provide light and add fragrance to the world, O “Mathioli”, You selflessly and tirelessly gave ALL of Yourself, to enlighten our minds as we stumble around in this dark labyrinth called Life and, to lead us unto Eternity.

Thank you, Amma! Blessed are we, to have a Mother like You!

Krithika Sushil

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