Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy has returned to Her divine abode

It is with profound grief, and a deep sense of loss, that we inform you that Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy, "Akka" and "Amma" to many, Founder and Chairwoman of Nandalala Mission and Founder of the Nandalala family of organizations, departed this world for her divine abode, on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 9:18am IST in Chennai, India.

Her family, devotees and all those who were touched by Her compassion offered their respects at her Chennai residence,  "Jayamalar", located at 1 Visveswarapuram Street, Alwarpet, Chennai between noon to 4. The cremation was on the same day during Pradosham time ( 6:30 pm IST).

She has been our beacon and guiding force all these years. She has worked tirelessly to make life better for one and all. She has selflessly provided solace and comfort to everyone in need and taught us there is strength in humility.

Conversations with her provided us devotees with an insight into her humor, kindness, linguistic and artistic skills and her knowledge of topics ranging from the vedas to modern science. Despite being an ocean of knowledge, She was a student for life showing us that we are never too old or too knowledgeable to learn.

She was a prolific author and provided guidance on a wide range of topics through her books.

She loved children deeply, She herself was like a child - curious, energetic, ready to explore the whole wide world and its people. She believed in children as the torchbearers of her legacy and started a children’s club - Nandalala siruvar sangham which has since then blossomed into numerous Nandalala endeavours serving the community in multiple avenues.

She was steadfast in continuing her mother Jayalakshmi Patti’s legacy in providing food for all.

Through example, She inculcated in us all, a drive to love and serve everyone around us.

Many of you have had the opportunity to experience Her grace, compassion and motherly love during her many visits to the US. We hope you will cherish those experiences and treasure those memories in the years to come.

We thank you profoundly for your prayers and well wishes over the past few weeks, during her stay in the hospital.

The void caused by Her departure cannot be overstated. However, we shall strive to keep Her alive through everything we have learnt from Her over the 77 years She spent in our midst.

A "Reflections & Remembrances" event was held in her memory on May 20th, 2018 at "Thulasi" in Santa Clara, CA.  Read more about the event here

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  1. Naveen says

    Words cannot describe the shock and gloom upon hearing that Sri. AKKA had left the physical body. I can only reminisce the years I have had the Blessing of being in the presence of Sri. Akhilandeswari Devi. All those (including myself) that had the opportunity of a lifetime participating in the Kumbhabhishekam of the Nandalala temple on February 1st, 1998 will recollect how divinely the event was conducted only with the guidance of Sri. AKKA. I will forever be indebted to Sri. AKKA for the life Devi shaped for all of us. Sri. AKKA has only returned home to Her family, Lord Shiva and Her children. I sincerely pray to Sri. AKKA to Bless us all in Her next avataram soon.

    Mathioli charanam!
    Jai Nandalala!

  2. Sujatha says

    Dear Amma,

    Hope You are doing good wherever You are right now. We selfishly keep wanting more and more of Your presence, Your advice, Your gentle and soothing words. It’s a thirst that will never be quenched fully and we will never be fully satisfied. But I realize Your mortal pain and suffering must come to en end.
    You have always been the ‘ lighthouse to the ships thrown about by mad winds, in the crazy seas’! You have always guided me in the darkest and most confusing of times, even when I had no way to reach You and a prayer was all that bridged our gap. You have always been my pillar of strength, beacon of light and a constant source of hope and positivity. You have always given and given without expecting anything in return.
    When I lost my mother unexpectedly, I was very angry with You and resolved to never have anything to do with you. Grief and rage blinded me. But, like a little child that comes crying to the same mother who disciplined him, I crawled back to You. You are my life support, I am tethered to You, I couldn’t wander far away.
    Though it’s a fact that everyone must go one day, sorrow floods my being and stings, to think that my last safety net is not there anymore. It hurts to think that we won’t be able to hear Your kind loving words, Your gentle chiding, see that beatific smile !!!!!
    You’ll live on in our hearts and souls, we will endeavor to reach You through prayer and service.

  3. Vasanth says

    Akka was more than my guru. She was my mother, friend, sister, guide and God! She understood my mind like noone else did and helped me during difficult times and was my pillar of support. It will be very difficult to fill this void, now that she has reached Her heavenly abode . I will have to look into myself and find the Akka inside me. Let us all help each other in this difficult time and strive to continue Her life’s mission. She lives inside each of us.

  4. Shubala says

    In a moment, it felt as if one has lost a mother, sister, best friend, biggest support system and one who understood our inner world all at the same time. No matter what kind of lives we lived, the presence of Pujashri Akka made it very secure. She was like a mother holding our hands and guiding us through life. Without her it feels very strange, lost and lonesome. My deepest condolences to everyone who has been touched by Shri Akka. You will be dearly missed Akka.

  5. Jayaraman Mahadevan says

    It is with profound grief and shock that I received the news..It is a personal loss to me and my family…As an AKKA, she has been guiding me in my life all these years and I wonder whom would I turn to now if I have a problem..I am sure she will continue to guide us all from above …Madi Oli Saranam..

  6. Asha Ramesh says

    Heartfelt condolences on this bereavement to everyone at Nandalala Mission ??
    It was my honor to have met and being blessed by Amma.

  7. Ramanan Umakanthan says

    Shri Amma was much more than my Parents’ & my Guru. She was our Deeply Loving Divine Mother. Our entire family was truly blessed to have had Her in our lives for over the last 20 years. Words cannot express or describe the Selfless Love & Guidance we felt in Her Divine Presence. She was Compassion, Love & Divinity Personified. Having Sri Amma in our lives for the last 20 years has been a True Blessing & Inspiration & Treasure. Her Non-Tiring Service To Humanity, Selfless Love, Compassion & Guidance have been Truly Invaluable. Thank You so much to Sri Amma & The Nandalala Mission. Shri Amma Physical Presence will be deeply missed, hiwever we know She is watching over all of us in Her Vishwaroopam, bestowing Her Divine Blessings on all of us ????????

  8. Ramanan Umakanthan says

    Shri Amma was much more than my Parents’ & my Guru. She was our Deeply Loving Divine Mother. Our entire family was truly blessed to have had Her in our lives for over the last 20 years. Words cannot express or describe the Selfless Love & Guidance we felt in Her Divine Presence. She was Compassion, Love & Divinity Personified. Having Sri Amma in our lives for the last 20 years has been a True Blessing & Inspiration & Treasure. Her Non-Tiring Service To Humanity, Selfless Love, Compassion & Guidance have been Truly Invaluable. Thank You so much to Sri Amma & The Nandalala Mission. Shri Amma’s Physical Presence will be deeply missed, however we know She is watching over all of us in Her Vishwaroopam, bestowing Her Divine Blessings on all of us ????????

  9. Swami Ramachandran says

    Rest in Peace, Mathi OLi Saraswathy Amma!

    News received from a friend felt like a nail in my heart pierced through the eyes, the moment I read the whatsapp message.

    Seeing the well-drafted announcement above, made me recount slowly the great things that she has done for us all. Her teachings and love shown will keep us in line!


  10. Soundarya Ramji says

    Sri Akka you have taught me not to grieve but tears just flow thinking of your thoughtfulness ,unconditional love and support you have given me even till the moment you left Your mortal coils..am sure I will be able to take life forward with all that you have taught me carrying forward your vision and I know you will continue to be the guiding light for eternity..

  11. Srinivasan B says

    She was very kind hearted and guided many people to follow the Sanathana Dharma in the right way.
    Her blessings will benwith us always

  12. Krithika Sushil says

    SHE was, and always will be EVERYTHING to me. Even SHE teased me about it once, many years back when I approached HER to get HER permission to write about HER. SHE said, ‘You will write, “AKKA is my God and SHE is Everything to me.” That’s it! First, ask around, find out more details about me and then write!’. That smile, that gentleness, the radiance on that serene countenance, those eyes! AKKA, AKKA, we will miss you so very much. AKKA, be with and within us always!

  13. Rajam Ramaswamy, says

    Pranams Akka,
    With a heavy heart recd this very sad news, I did have her darshan, her guidances n her blessings , Being miles away, she was still in our hearts, Every morning v offered plenty of garden fresh flowers n neivediyam to her, once when I met her in person, she named the exact neivediyam that I had offered from that far off places, , really blessed, Miss u very much Akka, ???

  14. Umashankar dixit says

    Pujya Sri Amma divine mother all way in my heart
    U s dixit Svcc temple Sacramento & Fremont California USA

  15. Malini Ganesh says

    Dear Sri Amma,
    I have always missed you. The experience I gained in your gracious presence is so personal and always cherished by me. You have mentored me on many occasions and your divine grace showered on me is unforgettable.I have never come within the close circle of yours though you had within your heart given me a special place.I wished to see you in the recent times but was not given the appointment by your close associates of the inner circle. You know how I have always revered you.May your soul rest in Peace . Continue to shower your blessings on me and my daughters. I bow to your soul dear Amma.Your humble devotee Malini Ganesh

  16. Seetha & Nagaraj says

    Poojya Shri Akka always used to say that ” She will always be with us”. Although she is not with us physically all we have to do is think of Her and act accordingly.

  17. Padma Ramani says

    Amma You were always and will be with me But still I feel like a child who lost her security blanket I will really miss you Amma
    Namaskarams to you Amma from Me and My family

  18. Gayathri Sundaresan says

    Pujya Shri AKKA taught us so many life lessons everyday by living in our midst and sharing our joys and challenges hand in hand with us. So much to learn from and emulate! Even if we followed a small fraction of her teachings, we will make this world a better place for all. Thank you, AKKA!!

  19. T. R Ramakrishnan says

    It was on Nov 27, 1963 that I first met Pujya Shri AKKA, as I was introduced to her by my late father in law, Shri K. Subramaniam. It was the eve of my wedding to Syamala. I feel truly blessed by our family’s association with Pujya Shri AKKA over the decades.

    When our daughter was born, I wanted to name her Gayathri, and asked Pujya Shri AKKA for blessings. She remarked that since I may not be doing “Gayathri” everyday due to my profession, I would compensate for it by calling my daughter’s name. When our sons were born and especially during their Upanayanam, Pujya Shri AKKA and Patti guided us closely. As we moved to Chennai, Pujya Shri AKKA offered her home to our family while our own home was under construction. I feel fortunate that Pujya Shri AKKA and Patti graced and blessed the occasion of my Sashtiabthapoorthi in 1997.

    Upon my immigration to US, Pujya Shri AKKA entrusted the Presidency of Nandalala Mission, until 2016, for which I am deeply grateful. Pujya Shri AKKA provided solace to me when my wife, Syamala was stricken by meningitis in 1999, saying, “I am taking care of Syamala in the hospital, as a nurse”. Syamala made a miraculous recovery and continues to serve Pujya Shri AKKA to this day. I have felt the blessed hand of Pujya Shri AKKA on several trips to the hospital myself, and subsequent healthy return home.

    As caretakers of her home in the US, “Thulasi”, we feel privileged to be entrusted with its maintenance as a place of comfort to many. I thank Pujya Shri AKKA for this amazing opportunity and feel joy in experiencing the strong vibrations within it’s walls.

    Pranams and Gratitude to Pujya Shri AKKA. Peace, Peace, Peace to all!

  20. Lakshmi Viswanathan says

    தேவீ சரணம் மதிஒளி அம்மா ? தேவீ சரணம் காமாக்ஷி! ?

  21. Lakshmi Viswanathan says

    அன்னைக்கு சமர்ப்பணம்!
    மதியாய் ஒளியாய்! மலரின் மணமாய்! நிதியாய் நின்னை நினைப்போர் துணையாய்!
    ச்ருதியாய் இசைக்கு இசைவாய் லயமாய்! கதி எம் தாய் நீ ஜோதிஸ்வரூபமாய் ?
    ஸ்ரீராமன் வாழ்ந்த நாட்களில் அயோத்தியில் வாழ்ந்த மக்கள் போல் ஸ்ரீக்ருஷ்ணன் வாழ்ந்த கோகுலவாசிகள் போல், இந்த கலியுகத்தில் கண்கண்ட தெய்வம் நம்மை வழிநடத்தும் அன்னை நம் கண்ணை விட்டு மறைந்தாலும் நம்நெஞ்சிலேநீங்காது துணை இருப்பார்.

  22. Prema says

    Love and gentleness were her endearing qualities theat will remain as our blessings. You are deeply missed Amma. Pranamams

  23. Mrs. Raghavan & Mr. Raghavan says

    Pranams to the Charan Paad of Shri Akka!

    My personal interaction (alongside my family) with Her Holiness Shri Akka has been since the 1990s.

    She always prioritized dedication and efforts be invested in the endeavor our family is working on as She (Guru & God) expects these qualities from Her devotees.

    She always blessed Her devotees equally and fairly.

    She was magnanimous and beatific to all devotees at all times.

    Her egalitarianism grew by leaps and bounds helping anyone who prays to Her in a sincere way.

    She always advised School and College students to study hard for exams.

    She helped thousands of needy at any location with full grace and kindness.

    She is always our Guru and God (forever)!

    I and my family humbly prostrate and pay respects to Her Charan Paad!

    Mathioli Charanam! Shri Akka Charanam! Jai Nandalala!

    – – –
    Mrs. Raghavan & Mr. Raghavan

  24. Krithika Sushil says

    I also wanted to add: Pujyashri AKKA led an absolutely selfless life, devoted to the service of humanity. She has imparted her thoughts and feelings in the books that she wrote and through her speeches. Her mastery of the Tamil language and the profound, almost poetic ways in which she expresss herself in her books, leaves her readers spellbound.

    Before reading her books, I used to think I kind of knew what her thoughts were on many subjects. But now, it is only after reading her books that I realize truly what AKKA felt and how she wanted us to lead our lives. Her beautiful writings are the true insight into her thoughts.

    I feel very fortunate, not only to have lived during the life and times of Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy but also to have interacted with her so closely. She lives on in the grateful hearts of all those that she bestowed her love, kindness and divinity upon… and in the legacy of her writings and speeches. May the sweet sounds of her sayings always echo in our minds as we go about our daily lives!

  25. Sushil Krishnamurthy says

    Namaskaram AKKA, that’s how I would typically greet Her. AKKA will be with us always, how true. Her picture at the top of this page says it all, She and Thulasi are merged together. Thulasi is where Her energy and legacy will live on. Another great cue is Her picture on the wall in the Pooja room. No matter where you are in that room, Her serene eyes seem to be looking at you!

    Couple of things that impressed me about Her. She was power packed with knowledge and wisdom, but would relay it in simple language, much needed for someone like me. She had the beautiful trait to connect with anyone, from kids to elders and everyone in between, and quick. She never judged anyone, no matter what, a hard trait to follow but something we can try to take on.

    Now on a lighter note. She was visiting us some years back and I had put a few CDs (remember the 5 disc changer that was in vogue way back when). She wanted to have some quiet time to listen and enjoy. It was very gratifying to see her enjoy my Hindustani classical music collection, especially my instrumental collection. So Krithika and I moved away to the adjacent room. We had forgotten we had left the player in random mode and suddenly the song “Muqqala Mukabla Laila” came on, Krithika and I were like what happened. So we entered Her room apologizing when She said “Paravaillai Adu Irukkutum”. We then realized that She enjoys those things too like us, which we sometimes tend to forget. It’s not just the heavy things in life!!

    Namaskarams again AKKA, from me, Krithika and Vaiju.

  26. Vijayalakshmi and Sathya says

    Sri Ambal Athai will be missed always but She will be in our thoughts and actions. We prey to HER always the way she taught . Even then She’s is physically present but mentally with us. It’s always nice and good to remember what She told in person

  27. Vikash Chandra says

    It would take us a long long time to accept the fact that She is no longer in our midst physically. Over all these years, we had gotten so very used to Her physical presence and running to Her for the smallest of our problems – the huge void would be impossible to fill. In Her unique style She often assured us that She is and would ALWAYS be with us. I pray that in her super conscious form, she continues to be our guiding star at all times.

  28. Vasavi and Srinivas says

    The news of Sri Akka’s passing is like a thousand nails piercing our hearts and still drains the energy out of us each time we think of it.
    Infinitely simple,humble,compassionate,knowledgeable,generous,noble,protective,loving,caring,gentle,erudite,patient,selfless,dependable,accomplished,e
    tc, the list could go on and on .Mere words are not enough to even begin to describe Sri Akka’s divinity .Amma,Akka,Guru,friend,guide,shoulder to lean weary heads on, Sri Akka was an ocean of love who gave love freely to all of us who were blessed with her darshan.At the same time, she was like the ancient rishis who lived a Dharmic life instead of just preaching it.As Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, common men and women are caught in the endless cycle of birth and death but there is no death for the wise or divine. Avatars like Sri Akka choose to be born on this Earth out of their own free will with the sole purpose of helping humanity walk the path of Dharma.Though the news of Sri Akka’s passing is inconsolable, we need to remind ourselves of the fact that Devi Sri Akilandeshwari has only cast off her bodily form.She is still with us in spirit and her blessings are always with us.

  29. Preethi Gopalan says

    Pujashri Akka has been so forgiving and accepting of me. I have gone beyond her words, fought with her in the rage of anger when my dad died when I was only 20. She named me when I was born, gave me a second chance when I went back to HER realizing my anger is not valid. She said children will make mistakes, but a MOTHER will always forgive and touched my head and blessed me. She uplifted my spirits under the able guidance and mentorship of Gayathri Sundaresan and made me the Vice President of the Nandalala Mission. She graced my wedding in the USA in a short notice of 10 days and guided me to prepare well single handedly for the wedding.
    SHE always gave importance to my words in the board meetings and even in the last board meeting, when we all said in 2020 we will have our own place for Nandalala Cultural center in the Bay Area and until then we will rent a facility to try it out, SHE said, let it be as per her wish.

    My mom lives all alone in Chennai and SHE always gave moral support to me and my mom and said I AM THERE IN YOUR HOUSE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOM.
    Whatmore can I ask for from you SHRI AKKA? I am at peace knowing that HER physical tortures of pain and pricks are over and HER SPIRIT is free of pain and suffering and SHE WILL SHINE BRIGHT IN OUR HEARTS AND OUR HOMES.
    With that strenght, I pledge to work tirelessly for Nandalala Mission and make HER dreams come true of having families come together and serve the humanity.

    Love you and Miss you SOOO MUCH,
    Preethi Gopalan

  30. Manisha Varshney says

    I have been associated with Amma for 6 years now. In this short time, I met her around 5-6 times physically but she has been my lifeline ever since I met her the first time. I have had the fortune to understand her true self. She has sacrificed her physical self for the greater good of humanity. That is my belief. I might not fully understand the implications and reasons for her choice of leaving this physical self, but I am certain that she made a choice that will benefit this world in the long run. However high my grief is today, I know that she made the choice for something much larger than the collective prayers of her devotees.

    Even though she is gone, I feel her with me just as, when she was here. More so, now. Her grace and guidance is even stronger now.

    Words can’t describe how fortunate I feel to have met her. She will be with me in my heart and taking care of me till I live.

    Sakshaat pranaam to Amma.

  31. Praveena Varadarajan says

    It was indeed a blessing for my daughter Malvika Sriram to meet her in person and perform a Krishna Geetham concert in her presence a few years back in San Jose.We will always cherish the blessings.

  32. Mythili and Ramnath says

    Although we got to know Pujya Shri Akka late in our lives, we feel blessed and cherish the time we had with her. Her compassion and approachability made it easy for us to open up to her and seek her guidance on all matters. Pujya Shri Akka’s books are a treasure we can go back to for guidance anytime in our lives. Though Pujya Shri Akka is not physically present with us anymore, we will continue to pray to her to guide us through our lives.

  33. Sandhya says

    She was and continues to be a beacon of light to many of us who waver in our thoughts every now and then due to the pressing difficulties that arise. We are supremely blessed that that our lives were touched by Shri Akka in many ways. Her life will serve as a guiding light to many of us who knew Her work and dedication. May Her love and Her blessings continue to help us remember Her glorious smile, her tireless efforts to make this world a better place.

  34. Radha Hariharan says

    Our condolences to everyone in Nandalala Organization. Even though the divine mother is not physically present, she will be with us all the time through the continued services and support to the human community. We were very fortunate to meet her and to get her blessings during her visit in Sunnyvale few years back.

  35. Neeta Singhania says

    I sought comfort in her wisdom when my own strength failed. She has often guided me thru troubled times. Her smile will always stay with me and remind me I was the fortunate one to have known her. Pranam M one more time.


    நந்தலாலா ரத்தினமே முற்றும் அறிந்த அற்புதமே
    வெறும் நண்பர்களாகிய எங்களை பெறும் அன்பர்களாக்கிய நித்திலமே
    கண்டிப்பான வார்த்தைகளில் மண்டிக்கிடந்த வாஞ்சயை நினைக்க நினைக்க நெஞ்சம் பொறுக்குதில்லையே
    எங்கே போய் தேடுவோம் இனி இப்படி ஒரு குருவை.
    கவலையில்லை கண்ணனின் திருவடிகளில் காணலாம் உந்தன் திருவருளை.
    மதிஒளி சரணம்


    My association with PUJYASRIAKKA as a trustee of yogasaras educational academy which manages Mathioli Vidhya Bhavan on the outskirts of Hyderabad has been a memorable one. I will always cherish. It is a once in a lifetime experience. We will strive to make Mathioli Vidhya Bhavan the best ever as Sriakka has told us never give up in life.

  38. Jayashree Raju says

    Respected Dear SriAmma,

    Our silent and speechless conversations continue…
    The unspoken words that You spoke to me in various roles continue:
    — As a mother offering guidance and solace tirelessly
    — As a stern and compassionate mentor when I make mistakes
    — As the inner voice when I am in a dilemma
    — As a doctor healing me before sickness could touch me
    — As a knight when I am afraid of wild animals and reptiles
    — As a teacher reminding me of duties and actions
    — As a friend making fun of me when I forget directions or overcook your favorite dish
    — As a companion during shopping and spa visits

    Our silent and speechless conversations continue…
    In silence, You granted my childish wishes of:
    — coming home for my birthday
    — accompanying us on family vacations
    — joining us at our home to celebrate Diwali
    — making sure the flower seller has the longest and the exact flowers that I wished to give You

    Our silent and speechless conversations continue…
    Without a word, You fulfilled my deeper desires of:
    — arriving in my town when I longed to see You
    — pulling me into Your town when I wished to meet You
    — making sure I get Your Darshan on Guru Poornima day
    — coming to our home on the exact day of Guru anniversary

    Our silent and speechless conversations continue…
    I have always wondered:
    — how and in what language are our silent conversations held
    — how and why do these conversations offer me immense joy and peace
    — how and why do You know what is in my mind before I become aware of it
    — how do You hold such clear and silent conversations simultaneously with countless people

    I will leave the incomprehensible be as is, and continue to dwell in the joy of our silent conversations.

    Nothing has changed after May 9, 2018.
    Our silent and speechless conversations will continue…

  39. Lalitha rangarajan says

    I have seen akka many times in Chennai, Always came away impressed with how well organized her homas and rituals are conducted. Proud to say that I was there for the millennium year functions, also akka’s Special 70th birthday with gomata, and gaja poojas, so very special. Been to her house several times. Once akka came to see the kumbhabhishekam for Balavinayagar temple near d’silva road and since I had collected some Prasad am from the temple, since I had arrived early, I shared it with akka. cherish all my meetings with akka in Chennai and Tulsi Nandalala, when akka visited Svbc temple in Fremont, witnessing Siva Abhishekam . Many of these were possible, because of my sister Shubha and my brother Ramnath here. Thank u akka for all your guidance. Will always remember, and follow your advice.

  40. Jayashree Varadarajan says

    It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to the physical presence of PujyaShri Mathioli Saraswathy. However, it is with immense joy that we celebrate her life and work.
    I first met PujyaShri Saraswathy in 2012. The love and kindness within her eyes touched me immediately. She embraced my whole family upon first meeting and from then, we became her family. Specifically, I was drawn to PujyaShri Saraswathy’s love for those less fortunate than herself. As the daughter of a teacher who selflessly cared for homeless and impoverished children for decades, her work with the Balakrishna milk program became especially important to me. I shared this with my Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir Community, and we immediately banded together to do all we could to contribute to such a noble cause.
    Many of the SRLKM students have presented concerts through the Nandalala Mission. The manner in which PujyaShri set up this organization was to ensure that it provided a platform for our youth to shine, and asked for no acknowledgement in return. While presenting concerts, my students learned not only to be humble, but to be grateful for all opportunities provided for them.
    In 2013, SRLKM presented Parama Prema, a benefit program for Nandalala Mission Outreach. PujyaShri Saraswathy’s never-ending message was one of love- love that is selfless and endless, pure, and modeled by service. It is in this spirit, our program displayed he virtues of divine love through music and prayer. The program ended with a call to action for all present- to continue and spread the message of Divine love. It is this model of Divine love that PujyaShri Saraswathy leaves is with- it is what keeps us warm, even as her body leaves this mortal plane. And while we miss her presence with heavy hearts, her message of love and service lives in action by our continued endeavors for a better world engaged in service, compassion, and generosity.

  41. Padma & Mohan says

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of Akka and our sincere condolences to the family and all of you in the Nandalala organization whom I’m sure will help carry her vision and service to the humanity for many years to come. Mohan and I fondly remember the few times we met with her. It was definitely an early departure but confident that she’ll shower her blessings from her divine abode to all of us.

  42. Kaushik Shivakumar says

    I am incredibly sorrowed to learn of the passing of Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy, whom I will always remember for founding Nandalala mission, an organization that has played a significant role in my journey in Carnatic music.
    The Youth concert series organized by Nandalala Mission provided me with the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience, which is an experience I feel truly blessed to have had. Everybody there was extremely friendly and welcoming, and I truly felt like I could sing without any fear of judgement. Additionally, attending the Nandalala mission concerts regularly has helped me gain a greater appreciation for Carnatic music.
    In addition to providing extremely unique opportunities for students of music, Nandalala Mission embarks on community service programs to provide food and education for those who are less fortunate. I feel lucky to have been part of fundraisers, such as Parama Prema, presented by my school, to raise funds for the various activities that Nandalala Mission supports.
    I will always be grateful to Nandalala Mission and Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy for imparting in me a desire to be an actively contributing member of my community.

  43. Venugopal Pachiappan says

    we shocked to know akka return of abode news.. From 1990 we had darsan. many times. akka speeches. In navarathri days very divine..akka promoted krishna concious to reach all is becon to every body.. we run our days thinking of darsan timeswhich gives rejunavative concious to the soul.a
    Anma is one and same. so akka mixed in our soul.. akka s initiatives to save Gouttimalai is a example of akkas humanwell being.. we saulute anandah kodi times to akka.and we pledge to fight to save gouttimalai is a real pranam to akka.. As AKKA said put the goutti malai story in our pooja room. i am many times had the gouttimalai vediappan kannimar thirtham in my fever days. it cures..akka is not aseparate from the sapda mathas in the gouttimalai. i feel akka is standing in the top of the goutti malai.and giving blessings. to all of us 24×365 days.. P.VENUGOPAL

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