Nandalala Youth Concert- By Harish

The Nandalala youth concerts by Nandalala mission is the first one I have seen in Bay Area which encourages a budding artists and young learners. This is the most valuable platform a learning child artist could gague his/her learning by singing before a moderate audience. The ambience and the stage provided by Nandalala is the right size for a child who wants to start on a musical journey. There is scope for the children to make mistakes and more importantly recover from those mistakes and finish the concert too. What a wonderful platform!!.

I have seen many concerts of young children who gave a concert for an hour or more and who later went onto become confident performers in bigger audiences. I have seen more than 10 such kids who reaped the concert beginning benefits.

The organizers are very friendly and instill confidence/trust in the young children by their soothing talk and all-familiar-home-kind ambience. The children also get to know about 'service' to human kind through various schemes like school bag drive, lunch packing initiatives to older citizens etc.

May Nandalala keep on blessing this organization!!

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