There is Peace

There is Peace

Speech at World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit 2014

Seoul, South Korea

Peace is in Proximity of Truth

Peace is in Awareness

Peace is in Service to Humanity

There is peace within us. It is not unreachable like the sky. We are neither aware of love within us nor attempt to realize it.

That love is God’s compassion. We have faith in God but doubt His compassion. So we lose peace. Rejoicing in good fortune and despair in misfortune- we don’t probe why this is so. If we question deeply we would see that we play a major part in inviting the misfortunes. If we understand this, confusions will go away voluntarily.

Problems are given by God to help us comprehend life and to unknot them-not to be shattered by not knowing how to face them nor to blame The Almighty.

When emotions are not in control restlessness creeps in. We need to draw a boundary in dealing with anger or happiness as these emotions are inseparable from us. We should safeguard these feelings such that these give us dignity and respect from others. We need’ to make these emotions learning tools.

What we yearn in our lives is peace, happiness, consolation when in need, being celebrated and appreciated by others. Chanting of “OM” brings about sacred state of peace before and after.

Peace is in “Benevolence” not in materialism. That benevolence is God. God’s benevolence keeps us safe whenever we are carefree. No doubt material wealth is required. That does not teach us contentment. Greed is inherent in materialism. Peace is afraid to tread there.

Peace is in “Humility”. This humility brings forth simplicity. Never should we stray away from this simplicity – that which makes us praiseworthy and makes us find peace within us. Some may think simplicity is against development. It is not true. Development shines through-simplicity only. It is ignorance to think arrogance and carelessness is development.

Peace is in “Honesty”. Living honestly kindles purity. In this pure state our words and deeds become praiseworthy. Peace which reigns in us at that moment makes a deep impact on others too.

Peace is in “Faith”. Faith is life. Nothing can be achieved by disbelief. Disbelief stands on pillars of jealousy, frustration and disappointment. Our faith in Supreme Power is the only one that makes us take strides towards victory calmly with peace and without fanfare.

Peace is in “Solitude”. One who wants to get away from din is able to attain peace in solitude. Din distracts us from thought processes. Solitude brings in concentration and focus. Focused thoughts increase our ability and productivity manifold.

Peace is in “Beauty”. While perceiving beauty we get boundless joy. Beauty intoxicates us. We see everything first with our eyes only. If we perceive beauty in all that we see we can feel proud that we have seen God, Beauty attracts one and all, hates none. While we are immersed in beauty, external environment does not block our vision. Then peace engulfs us.

Peace is in at the end of confusion

Peace is in clarity of explanation

Peace is in practicing good habitude

Peace is in freedom from desires

Peace is in significance of virtue

Peace is in proximity of truth

Peace is in awareness

Peace is in service to humanity

Peace is in thoughts of Shiva

Peace is on the tip of the peak.

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