Word Power

Speech is silver; Silence is gold. Let us first speak about “silver”. Our speech or words should be fertile. They should be meaningful. The tongue is the instrument for all the words we utter. That is why it is often advised to control the tongue. The tongue has a dual responsibility viz. speech & taste. Be good. Then only all your thoughts and speech would be good.
Good words uttered have a special attraction and effect. When once we start cultivating the habit of speaking only the good, then it forms a strong basis for the development of great virtues in us.
When we speak we should always take into consideration the feelings of those beside us. What we speak may not be offensive to us but others may get offended. It may be incompatible to them. They may point out several drawbacks in our speech of which we ourselves would not have been aware. Uncontrolled utterence may lead to many misunderstandings.
Words can be used for both praise & blame or belittling others. Words of praise are glorified, while words of scorn or reproach are abused. While words can be put to good use, why should they be utilised for reproach?, for reproach can lead you nowhere.
Love should be the basis of all our utterances. It should form the underlying merit. Idle talk and scandal lead to anger and disagreement. Love alone is essential in life. Anger and enmity should be completely given up. Love brings sweetness and light to life whereas hatred and dislike have the opposite effect.
Our words should be slow, measured and deliberate.. They should have depth of meaning. If so our words would not land us in trouble. If we are modest, then there won’t be any hesitation in our utterences. Everybody has a desire to speak but know not how to do so and have to take lessons for the same.
If the circumstances demand that you should speak, then you have to. At such times you should be judicious and you should not speak when there is no necessity for it at all.
Sagacious, meaningful, fertile words would only emanate from high and noble souls. Words should be such that they are able to kindle the desire for more in the minds of the listener. They should also bring happiness and satisfaction to the speaker himself.
The depth of words alone makes utterences or speech meaningful. Words uttered should make the listener think. The listener should feel there is plenty of room for contemplation in what you say.
We have been speaking of speech. Now let us think of silence. Silence is “gold” – This has already been mentioned. Silence does not mean refraining from speech alone. The mind should be silenced. Real silence is controlling the mind and abstaining from thoughts. This is the lesson taught by Sri Dakshinamurthy who sits in silence displaying
His Chinmudra and imparting knowledge. That is the power of silence. This was displayed by Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharishi during the last century who gave practical lessons in the powers of silence.
Words should be a boon but for that they have their own borders. Amidst the gap of words so many ideas are hidden and we should make it a point to study them carefully.

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