Meal Packing at KAH Experience

My mom, Srini uncle, Rohan and I went to a warehouse of the Kids Against Hunger organization. This organization sends food to hungry children across the world. They even send food to the unfortunate children locally.
What we did is we donated a small amount of money to the organization and we helped them pack the food. The food they send are complete meals with rice, dehydrated vegetables, soy protein, vitamins, and minerals. Once the food reaches the children they cook it and serve it.

Before we could start the packing we had to wear hair nets and aprons; it made us look really funny but it’s important. Before we did anything else we watched a very sad but true video on what the kids against hunger organization does and how much kids across the world need the food. This organization does a lot for these kids but even so, they only get to feed half of the unfortunate kids. Afterwards, we got sorted into groups of 8. There were only a few people , so there were only 2 groups. 1 person had to hold the bag under a funnel ; then another person had to scoop dehydrated vegetables and protein into the bag ; next a person had to scoop the vitamins and minerals into the bag; then 1 person had to scoop the rice into the bag but it didn’t end there. Then the bag holder passed it to the weigher where he had to weigh the bag to make sure that it was 390-396 grams according to the weight they will add or take away some of the food. The reason you need to weigh the bag is for the quality control. Lastly the weigher dropped the weighed bag in a box for the sealer to close the bag and pack it into a box.

We got a rhythm down so we were able to pack bags super fast. The more bags we packed in the hour the more kids we helped. Since we got so many bags packed we needed 2 weighers and 2 packers. At the end the 2 groups packed 3,500 meals in 1 hour. This was an amazing experience and I would do it again. It made me feel proud of what I did knowing that I was helping the less fortunate. A statistic was taken that found out that about 10 kids die of starvation every minute. This is sad but with organizations like kids against hunger and people like us we can lower that number drastically.

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