Talk at Lancaster Hindu Temple of Antelope Valley – 2016

Excerpts from Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy’s speech at the Lancaster Hindu Temple of Antelope Valley. The speech included advice on wealth and prosperity so that surplus funds may be used for good charitable purposes.

1. Use curry leaves in the food you cook as it is not only good for health, growth of hair, cure for jaundice and cancer, but curry leaves are also an amsam of Sri Mahalakshmi Goddess of Wealth.

2. On Thursday mornings have Darshan of Lord Kubera (by seeing his picture), or recite a stotram in praise of Lord Kubera, or see coins or look at gold ornament.

3. While lighting lamp at home, add two diamond-shaped, small rock candy (kalkandu)  along with oil for the lamp which should be like Kamakshi vilakku (not Kuthu vilakku).

4. No oil to be applied on the head on Amavasya (New Moon Day) and no kolam (Rangoli) in the front of the house (outside).

5. Apply a little bit of curd on the body face at the time of bath and then have a shower.

6. Do not give water, milk, curd, salt, thread, and needle in the evening to visitors at home say for an hour after lighting the lamp. If visitors need, juice can be given instead of water. If only water is required, they can help themselves with water instead of the host giving.

7. Have Darshan of an elephant picture or doll each Monday and think of Lord Balaji of Tirupathi.

8. After bath while using a towel for drying first dry your back (Mudugu) with the towel and then other parts of the body.

9. Pickles to be had on Thursday. It can be any pickle, even of vegetables with just lime and salt too. Even oil is not required. Having pickles at home is good as it brings kuberan sampaththu. It can be made fresh on Thursday also and had.

10. Offer green bangles to ladies and if no one available, to a temple; (e.g. People in USA could offer it to ‘Sri Akhilandeshwari’ deity in Lancaster temple)

11. On Amavasya( New Moon day) lamp for the deity can be lighted but no pooja should be performed in the morning. Howver, it can be done in the evening.

12. Women can wear silver ring on their left hands.

13. White dove coming to our homes or keeping them at home is auspicious.

14. Oruvar hridayathilum GURU IRUKKIRAAR. Avarai ulnokki paarka muyarchikka vendum.


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