2016 New Year Satsang with Her Holiness Pujyashri Mathioli Saraswathy

Venue: Kanthimthi Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai, India
Wish you all a very happy, peaceful & prosperous New Year!! The New Year Darshan began with Sri Amma’s
benevolent wishes (Aasigal). Here are some salient points from Her speech!

2016 adds up to the number 9, which is the aadhikkam (influence) of Sevvai (Mars) and the color Red is special this year. We will hear news of girl children being born and also news of inter-caste marriages would be common.

This year, people will feel more paraparappu (tension and stress). This is because of the greater influence (aadhikkam) of the Moon (Chandran). Our minds would be wavering and things may not work out according to our plans. This does not mean that things won’t happen. Rather it may not happen the way we would have planned it. For instance, it may get delayed or it may happen earlier than what we had planned.
We will have many small desires, many of which may not fructify. Having such desires is not wrong, but we need to
make sure it doesn’t turn into greed (peraasai).
This year people would be prone to breathing problems, ear aches, eye problems and conditions relating to the ear, throat and breathing.

Sri Akka then suggested some simple measures to prevent these –

  • The regular practice of pranaayamam will help in avoiding breathing problems.

  • Sundakkai – either fresh or dried, Kandankaththiri and Thoodhuvalai. All these three may be consumed,

    either as part of food or as a powder, to help prevent these health problems.

  • Growing a Thulasi plant – as both thulasi maadam and in pots, helps purify the air and will give the benefits

    of doing pranaayamam. These pots may be placed inside the house in the following four locations- SouthWest,

    North-East, at the centre of Western portion and at the centre of the Southern portion. Keeping thulasi

    plants in any of the above mentioned directions is as good as doing a homam. But make sure that it is

    maintained properly and remains green.

Sri Akka also remarked that we tend to ignore these simple home remedies that have been a part of our traditional
knowledge. It is only when we would fall ill that we would remember that we should have taken these preventive

Avoid fixing nails on the walls this year. This is to avoid diseases and illness (vyaadi). Sri Akka also
mentioned that the more nails we fix, the more illness we are likely to have.

Parents are eager to know about their children’s studies this year, remarked Sri Akka. For vidyashakti, gnanashakthi and memory power, the following are the ideal days to start studies and learning (Padippikku ugandathu): Wednesday, days with the star Hastam or Punarvasu (Punarpoosam), and Navami tithi. Even elders, if we want to learn something, can start on any of these days for successful completion.

Keeping a picture or an idol of a sea-horse will assist in higher education and will definitely help one to go and study abroad. Sri Akka said that it is also good to keep it in libraries, stationery shops and photocopy shops.

Chanting of Abhirami Andhaadhi, Hayagriva shlokas, Adithya Hridayam, Dakshinamoorthy shlokas and Saraswathy Sakalakalavalli Maalai are good this year.
To reduce the burden of debt and property mortgage, you may keep Surakudukkai (a hollow, wood pot, as seen in
some musical instruments) in the house and put coins in it. Keep coins inside it and place it in any place in your house.
You will definitely come out of mortgage/loan issues. Periodically, these coins may be taken out and used for charity purposes. Sri Akka mentioned that Surakudukkai is kept by sidhha purushas, who generally drink water from it and keep coins in it. This is a reason why they don’t have an attachment and desire for money.
While all temples may be visited this year, Sri Akka mentioned one temple as special. Near Mayiladuthurai, there is a place called Natham which has a temple for – Thripurasundari sametha Thiru Menishwarar. This is on the
Thirunandriyur- Viatheeswaran Koil Road. There is a Nandhavanam in the temple, which houses a special tree called as the “Raamadhari”. Just as the Vilvam is special for Lord Shiva, this Raamdhari is special for Lord Rama (Mahavishnu).
Sri Akka suggested that we must plan our visit to the temple and collect authentic information so that we are able to visit the nandhavanam and have a darshan of the Raamdhari tree. In case we find it difficult to visit the temple now, we may pray and keep a one rupee coin in our pooja. This is equivalent to visiting the temple. We may then offer this to the Hundi when we get the opportunity to visit this temple.
Sri Akka then asked everyone to share the message of the New Year Satsang to friends and family. Hearing them say that they benefitted from Sri Akka’s message will make you happier.
Though there may be problems like of the ear, eye etc. this year, you all will set them right, and come and work for
Nandalala. With determination and complete faith in God, try to overcome impediments and successfully complete all the works this year. Sri Akka’s blessings are always there with us.
Sri Akka then blessed everybody for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Happy new year once again and Jai Nandalala!

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