75th Birthday Celebrations at Thulasi: September 23rd and 26th

Jai Shri Nandalala!

On the happy occasion of the 75th birthday of Pujya Shri Mathi Oli Saraswathy–Guru to many and Founder of Nandalala Mission–two events were held at “Thulasi,” her residence in the US. Details regarding the celebrations are given here; please share with Pujya Shri AKKA and provide us with feedback!

Photos from the two events are located here: https://goo.gl/photos/hQ9rVikbyd6m3NE47. More pictures will be added shortly.

September 23, 2015: Monthly Uthrashada Pooja – 75th Birthday Celebration with Narration by Manisha

We set up the puja room at Thulasi with 2 rangoli structures (Lotus and Sri Chakra) and plates for flower offerings/rangoli. Abhishekam for Amma’s paduka’s was organized outside in the patio so that folks could participate as they came in. The program allowed devotees to do Abhishekam on arrival with milk, honey, rose water, and chandan. Devotees came into the puja room and added flowers on rangoli structure and then took a seat for chanting of Lalita sahastranaam and Akhilandeshwari ashtotram. Lastly, we offered prasad to God.

Shyamala mami coordinated everything including the prasad menu… We had a good gathering of about 15 people. It was a good turnout considering that it was a weekday.

– Sushil and his daughter, Shivani
– Sujatha, Raghava with their kids
– Namrata and Umesh
– Dr. Raji
– Preethi
– Rishi
– Swathi
– Guru
– Vaishnavi, Ravi, and Vaishnavi’s mother.
– Manisha
– Magathi Jayaram
-Shyamala mami and Ramakrishnan uncle

Vaishnavi’s mom sang a melodious song. Everyone had a good time. We had dinner after the puja. The menu included Gobhi, chapatti, tayirsadam, mixed vegetables, pulihara, vegetable puff, and pasta. For the sweets we had carrot halwa, pongal, sweet buns, and srikhand.

September 26, 2015: Special Homams, Children’s Program, Reminiscences of Devotees with Narration by Shubha

On September 26th, we celebrated Shri Akka’s 75th birthday at Thulasi in Santa Clara, CA. The day began at 8 AM with homams conducted to commemorate Shri Akka’s birthday. Ganapathy, Navagraha, Ayush, and Mrityunjaya homams were conducted by two priests in the presence of 30 – 35 people. Girija and Sundaram took sankalpam for the homams

– Sushil, Krithika and their daughter, Shivani
– Girija, Sundaram
– Namrata and Umesh
– Shubala, Vasanth, Shyla
– Preethi
– Shubha, Rishi
– Sowmya and Srini and their children Rohan and Arun
– Vaishnavi, Ramsubbu, Kaushik, and Srivathsan
– Dr Ramanathan and Sangeetha
– Gayathri, Murali, Priya, and Saroja Sundaresan
– Manisha
– Vijaya Kulkarni
– Shyamala and Ramakrishnan
– Rajaji
– Malathi
– Ramaa Narayanan

After the religious ceremonies, the kids in the Nandalala Childrens Club (Kaushik, Srivathsan, Rohan, and Arun) and their parents came together to perform a play in a makeshift stage in Thulasi’s backyard. Under the banner of Nandalala Mission, the children enacted the story of the Jnana Pazham (or the divine fruit) getting awarded to Ganesha instead of Karthikeya. The well-directed play was highlighted by enthusiastic potrayals and creative costumes, including a scooter masquerading as a Karthikeya’s peacock!

After the play, everyone that attended the event shared their thoughts on Shri Akka and her influence in their lives. Some devotees had a long association while others had been introduced to Her recently. During this event, we all had a chance to reflect on Shri Akka and share our experiences with each other. In this way we commemorated her birthday and also got to know each other better. The profound impact of Sri Akka was evident in the poignant stories and served to reinforce her message to devotees.

Preethi read a message sent by Pujya Shri AKKA for the occasion (attached below).

After this, all the children who participated in the play were given gifts of appreciation. The event concluded with a sumptuous feast (Salad, Aviyal, Vadai, Sesame Rice, Tamarind Rice, Sundal, Sakkarai Pongal, Fruits & Honey, and Yogurt Rice) for all as attendees socialized and enjoyed the happy occasion.

Nandalala Mission

75th Birthday Message