Appeal for Advertisement for Nandalala Mission LA Chapter Isaiyum Thendral – A Musical Festival

Jai Shri Nandalala!

We are preparing a program brochure commemorating “Isayum Thendral, A Healing Breeze,” a fundraiser for Nandalala Mission in Los Angeles, on May 16th, 2015. The program promises to be an evening of mesmerizing light music performed by none other than ‘Chinna Kuyil Chitra,’ the hugely Popular ‘Vijay Prakash,’ the young, talented singer ‘Hima Priya,’ and the Super Singer winner ‘Satyaprakash.’

We are soliciting advertisers / sponsors to help produce this multipage brochure, support the fundraiser, and Nandalala Mission’s varied community service activities. Sponsor an ad and enable a musical extravaganza while promoting your business!

Information in this brochure (8.5” x11”, color) will include:

  • Message from Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy, Founder of Nandalala Mission
  • Program information
  • Synopsis of Nandalala Mission activities, photographs, testimonials
  • Multiple ads, messages – full, half, quarter page

Please contact / provide advertising information from your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, business contacts such as doctors, dentists, retail, real estate, tax preparation and other professional services. Folks can also insert messages to Pujya Shri Mathioli Saraswathy or Nandalala Mission. We are planning to print @ 750 copies.

Advertisement rates (US $):
Front Cover (a line acknowledging sponsor): $1000
Back Cover (a line acknowledging sponsor): $1000
Inside Front Cover, full page: $1000
Inside Back Cover, full page: $750
Full page: $500
Half page: $250
Quarter page: $150
A single line message, with your name: $50

Submissions are to be received by Nandalala Mission by 4/1/15. Please sponsor an ad, or a message and show your support for Nandalala Mission’s outreach activities.

Nandalala Mission