Important Message Regarding Sani Bhagawan Peyarchi on December 16th, 2014 (New Jersey 12/16 and Chennai, India 12/12-12/13)

Dear All,

Please see below for details regarding Saturn Transit and Pujyasri Akka’s message for what we could do during Sani Bhagawan peyarchi on December 16th. Additionally, please see details regarding the Homam / Havan being organized in Chennai on December 12th-13th, 2014.

This year the Transit of Planet SATURN occurs on December16th, 2014. This transition of Saturn happens every 2 1/2 [2.5] years.

The details of Rasi/stars that are affected during this transition requiring Pariharam is indicated in attached table.

In Chennai, Pujya Sri AKKA has arranged for a SRI SANAICHARA Santhi homam on December 12th & 13th as people will be busy on December16th visiting some temples and doing Santhi earlier or slightly later would have the same benefits.

PujyaSri AKKA suggested that this event be held on 12/16 in the USA.

1. ELLU SAADAM [sesame rice] can be prepared and offered as naivedyam and then taken as Prasad, and
2. Lamp can be lit using Sesame oil [Til oil/Gingeley oil/Nalla ennai] by putting a few sesame seeds in the lamp along with the oil.

Jai Nandalala!

Invitation-Sri Saneeswara Baghwan Shanthi Homam

Transit of Saturn, 2014