2014 – May 8th – Talk at Mahakaleshwar Temple, Santa Clara, California

Blessings to All who are assembled here at Mahakaleshwar temple.

What is the time?

7:15.  In India we would say night but here it is pradosham.

Nithya pradosham is at this time daily. I am happy you all, knowingly/unknowingly, are assembled here at the auspicious time of pradosham to have darshan of Lord Shiva.

This temple is on an office space. This is such a difficult task to achieve here. Is there a gopuram here? No.

The achievement of building a temple here like this is equivalent to Bhageeratha’s efforts  i.e. Bhageerathan prayathnam

The story of Bhageerathan is that after Ashwamedha yagam 60,000 thousand brothers went in search of the horse and they found it near Sage Kapila’s ashram. Kapila cursed them for their discourteous behavior. The only way they could get salvation was for the waters of Ganga to touch the ashes.

Bhageeratham first did penance to Lord Brahma. Brahma appeared but could not help Bhageeratha.

Ganga was in the kamandalu of Vamana and Bhageeratham had to wait for the Vamana Avatar and the moment when Lord Vamana placed his second step and the kamandalu tips.

Now when Ganga gushed from the heavens to earth, the earth wouldn’t have been able to withstand the force.  Bhagirathan had to perform penance to Lord Shiva since only Lord Shiva can handle the force.

Lord Shiva caught the force of Ganga in his locks and then let her flow gently. She flowed by Kapila’s ashram but Sage kapila swallowed all the water. Bhagirathan had to plead with Kapila and then the sage let Ganga out through his ear. Hence, Ganga is also known as Janhavi.

Bhagirathan Prayathanam will always bear fruits.

(Gangashtakam was recited)

Ahstakam – Means 8.

Do you know what all ashtakams there are






It is tougher to chant Sahasranamam ( 1000 names) .

It is easier to see a Sahasralingam.

It is easier to learn ashtakam. Children should be taught ashtakam first.

How much will you pay for this flower garland?

Nothing can equal a Mother’s love and affection.  A mother takes care of her children throughtout her life and asks little in return.

Mother’s love is priceless. It is priceless like this garland.

Story about Lord Shiva

Mother’s day is approaching. Mother’s day is celebrated here in the US. All women are celebrated for their maternal feelings.

Shiva has been a mother once.

Has anyone visited that temple? Thayumanavar – Lord shiva manifested himself as a mother.

At the time of pain, mother or lord’s name is what the women think of. Not their husband.

There was a girl who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.  She grew up, got married.

When she became pregnant, she was waiting for her mother to come to help for her delivery.

But she lived on the other side of a river from her parents. At the time there was a huge storm and the river was overflowing. Her mother couldn’t travel across.

So Lord shiva took the guise of the mother and helped the pregnant girl through her childbirth, and took care of her new born and  helped in every way a mother would. He stayed there in the guide of her mother for 3-4 months and then went away. In the mean time, the rains subsided and the river abated. The original mother was anxious for her daughter and crossed the river as soon as she could and came to see her daughter. That is when the girl realized that it was Lord Shiva who had helped her all along.

When you place your trust in him and completely devoted to him, he will take care of you and not let you down.

The Lord will take care of you when you need him.

This is another story of Lord Shiva.

There was a young boy who came home after a visit to his uncle and asked for milk. The young boy was a rishi’s son and they lived in a forest where they could not get milk. So she could only give him a rice paste with water as milk. The boy knew the taste of cow’s milk since he had it at his uncle’s house and asked his mother about it.

So the mother told him that he has to do penance to Lord Shiva if he wanted milk or milk rice.

The boy did rigorous penance to Lord shiva.

Lord Shiva was pleased with it.

However, he comes as lord Indra on a white elephant.

The boy sees him and tells him that he really needs Bhakti (Devotion). Milk and rice is a way to denote bhakti.

Immediately, the white elephant transforms into Nandi and Indra turns into lord Shiva and a true darshan is bestowed on the young boy.

The boy was none other than Upamanyu .

Upamanyu’s father’s name was Vyakrapadar (Tiger footed to climb a tree without disturbance to anyone and pluck flowers)

Upamanya was one who did Upadesam to Lord Krishna. He was such a great soul.

Anything we do should be done sincerely and with devotion.

Devotion is not for oneself but towards other’s good.

Remember not to be unfazed with problems. The Lord is with us.

He stands by us and helps us face our problems and that is the faith that is needed. With that faith we can overcome anything.

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