Sri Akka’s Speech from May 10, 2014 at SVCC (Fremont, CA)

Please see the following translation of Sri Akka’s speech on May 11 2014 at SVCC:

We are going to see the connection between you, me (SriAmma) and the Lord.

While doing alankaram, when the door is closed, where will your minds be? It won’t go to the Lord.

Where are your thoughts? Is it with you? If so, I am happy. (Everyone said it is with HER)

Your milk is what was used for Abhishekan.

All your thoughts/desires (korikkai) were written on a paper and were immersed in milk and through the ink it went to the milk.

How did Umashankar Dikshit perform abhishekham of the milk? The milk flowed through a dhara. It wasn’t not just poured straight through. It was circled around and then abhishekam was done. Everyone’s thoughts were mixed and mixed and mixed and then.

Did your thoughts & desires fall (Vizhunduda), knock (Pour) (Kottuda) or Hit/touch (Pattuda) the Lord?

Our problems are all heavy. It is heavy for us. Is it heavy for the Lord?

The Lord accepts the heaviness of your thoughts and desires and takes it away. It is not heavy for the Lord.

Lord Shiva takes a lot of beatings for his devotees, and not Maha Vishnu.

There is a famous song by Papanasam Sivam that extols this aspect of Lord Shiva- Thandai thai irunthal (In case anyone is interested to know more about the sonf, this link covers it:

A famous beating of the Lord is associated with the temple near Madurai (Pirambadi). Lord Shiva got a beating by a cane (perambadi) which became our spinal cord.
(In case anyone is interested to know more about the story/temple, this is what we found about this: )
Should we give him more time to do Alankaram or less time?


Why did we use milk for putting down our thoughts? Why not water?

Milk is sticky. Our thoughts will stick to the milk. Milk is heavier. It comes from gomatha (We revere the cow that gives us milk and call her gomatha).

The milk being used here is organic and that is at least a bit purer.

(Sri Amma took out a paper)

What is this paper for?

If you can write down your desires, can’t I also note down on a paper? (She said jokingly)

It is to tell you the specialties of milk.

There is nothing equivalent to milk. Milk is very special. Mother’s milk is the most special followed by cow’s milk.

In America, lot of vitamins and nutrients are added to the milk. However, I am going to tell you what is present in cow’s milk naturally. This is as per the Shastras. You can consider as if America is following what is in shastras with their advancements and now everybody wondrously looks at this manufactured milk.

This is what is naturally found in the milk:

• 25 Minerals

• 19 Proteins

• 14 types of Nitrogen

• 11 types of fat. There is a type of raw butter that can be extracted from the cream in the milk and not from yogurt. It used to be done in olden days.

• 8 types of enzymes

• 6 vitamins

This is present in 1 drop of milk as well as 1 tumbler of milk or 1 pot full of milk.
Do I have more time to speak she asked the panditji.

In this type of milk, what else was added in the milk today? Everyone’s thoughts were added. Milk has the capacity to take it and absorb it. It is the liquid form that is special here (unlike panchamridam or sanathanam that is used for Abhishekam). Water is also another liquid but Milk is thicker than water. Both are pure. Milk is heavier.

Each one has their own weight. She asked one person’s weight. She said each one has a unique weight. Similarly, milk has a weight.

You can mix anything in milk like coffee, tea.. There are some many types of tea –( masala chai) There are so many types of coffee. What types of coffee are there? (Cappuccino, filter coffee) but everything needs milk

How is the translation coming along? How many marks to give? This (on spot translation) is like making dosas and has to be hot out of the tava.

I am happy to speak this way ( i.e. With another person translating). It makes me feel like I am speaking in two languages. Even though I can speak English but the effect will not be the same. Nobody can speak with me on my subject.

The energy and the mood with this mode is different. If everyone doesn’t have the energy or mood to listen then everything will go in the air. This will stay in your mind. In the future, you would recall this talk.

The reason for the talk will stay in your mind. (She asked this sentence to be repeated thrice)

When you see milk, you will think of Lord Shiva and me.

Now, enough about milk… During the pujai what namam did they chant?


Benefits of Homam:

There is an Agni from the homam. While starting the fire for a homam is beneficial, the ash from the homam also has benefitsPeople buy fancy ashtrays for the cigarette ash but the cigarette ash eats us away.

The homam ash is the one that has to be revered. (Sarva mangalam- All goodness).

The ash should not be taken immediately after the homam. The homa kundam will be hot. Similar to how we need to let our stomach digest our food, the homam agni should also be given time to take in all the samith(wood chips) and other items offered in the homam. It should be allowed to cool (at least 4 hours) and the ash should be collected later that night or next morning after sprinkling some milk on it.

• The homam ash when consumed will reduce the habit of smoking and drinking. Just 1 pinch is enough.

• The ash will keep the environment and surroundings of the house pure.

• There are many diseases that are discovered. The homam ash controls the bacteria causing the diseases. Keep the homam ash open in the house and it will control the diseases. You can also partake the ash.

• For ladies who have heavy periods or feel week or menstruate for more than 3 days, the ash will help control this. Consume the ash for 8 weeks with honey to cure this situation.

• Reduces hyperactivity of children.

• Helps the surrounding plants to grow

• Helps worms that are good for the soil

• Sinus headaches can be cured when consumed for 3 or 4 days

• Helps cure skin diseases.

• Helps heal wounds that don’t heal easily.

• Helps alleviate problems related to nerves and the nervous system

• Consume the ash 7 days to reduce urinary infection

• Provides the Energy to heal mind, body and soul

• When there is a constant fear in the mind, the ash gives self-confidence.

Now come let us see the Lord. He is ready and we should not keep HIM waiting.