Nandalala Mission Ganapathy Homam @ Thulasi – Details and Registration Process

Jai Nandalala!!!

Dear All,

With the divine grace and guidance of our Guru and Founder of Nandalala Mission, we are happy to announce the start of “Ganapathy Homam” in Thulasi every first Sunday of the month. The first homam was conducted on March 2, 2014 with sankalpam couple Shri. Sundaram and Smt. Girija Sundaram as directed by Pujyashri Akka.

Sankalpam for a family (husband, wife, and kids) is $201. More than one family can also register for the same month. There are no limitations to the noumber of sankalpams per month. This is purely first come first served basis.

Once we have you registered, we will send you an email on what needs to brought for the homam from your end.

Sankalpams will be taken for people who are outside of the Bay Area and are unable to attend in person. Sankalpam amount is $51 per family. Prasadam will be sent to your address via mail post the homam.

We have registrations open for the upcoming months starting in April 2014. Please email me at if you are interested in performing the homam with gothram, name, and naksthram details.

Note: If the response is great, we are planning to open up slots twice a month and will share details accordingly based on the response.


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