The Indwelling Atman

I am present in all actions but I do not reveal myself. A few may succeed in finding this out, but many do not.
I am the wonderful peak of the results of all research and when once the researcher realises this, he comes to glory.
I am the inquisitiveness in the inquisitive, who is able to picture me clearly when he attains clarity. For non-believers also, I do draw a few lines as clues on the broad expanse of this scientifically advanced civilization, so that they may also be helped.
My very birth itself is a question and people offer me sacrifice with questions. Water becomes clear when dirt settles down at the bottom. In the same way one can recognise me clearly, when doubts are dispelled.
I am also a part of your worries, but once I am known, your worries fly away, I am a gay partner in all your joys and celebrations but once I am recognised, the ego that you are the doer gets erased.
I lay down the path for those who seek me but I become an object of criticism for those who close their eyes and are blind to reason. Even your laughter and tears should have my backing. Otherwise, you would be termed a lunatic!
The times when I am known are at times cool and pleasant and yet sometimes unbearably hot. I cannot be contained in symbols but I will appear crystal clear only in the depths of Truth.
Believe in the words of your forefathers, who have realised me. You lose nothing by doing so, instead you are made to gain.
At times of failure one should not get disheartened but one should try to find out where one has lost me. Things happens as time revolves, and I move along with them, when they are activated.
Some may deny me, yet others may accept me but at such times, if one asks oneself why, I would manifest myself there with twinkling eyes!
I am part of everything. I am present in the waters of the spring, in the chillness of the wind and in the light & sound that pass through the branches of the trees. 
Ridicules can never belittle me. I am strong and firm. Forms may be many but I am the same and unchanging. Never will I take sides with a person, who purposefully shifts the blame on another, but I will see to it that he never escapes.
I stand high in things that are first and I live eternally in righteousness. I am the origin and source of all. I shine as the excellence in excellent practices.
I never lend support to the cowardice of those operating from behind facades. Nor do I allow myself to be quoted as the cause for the wrongs committed in the sky. I have no role to play when people resign themselves to their fate; nor do I attach myself to those who give up and leave.
I am behind every force in life. Only when I am sought repeatedly do I appear as a lofty peak. I am the new dawn for those who are patient but I never associate myself with atheism.
I will tell you all about my work. Arise, Awake, get started and reach excellence.
– Mathioli Saraswathy