Skill knows no stagnation. It will shine of it’s own accord. It will be ever active. The force of activity will always make it think of what could be done further.
But skill should always be associated with advancement. Even traces of the beginning of destruction should not be there, even in the least. Skill knows no limit. Like the sky, expansion should be it’s mark. It should be noticeable and be able to get itself fixed in everybody’s mind.
Skill comes out of deep contemplation. The object of contemplation is not the criterion, but, however, you should deeply look into the object of your contemplation. Only then will you have complete satisfaction when you attain it.
The knowledge that we gather while being taught forms the basis. But that is not the end of all. All the discoveries and inventions are found and not shown. Subtleties give us heavenly joy and wonder only when we study a thing deeply. Only zeal and enthusiasm narrow down the distances.
Skill varies from person to person. Different people have different skills. So no comparison can be made in this regard. If done, it would be sheer foolishness. Every person should devote his attention in developing the skill that he has in greater measure.
Skill comes to light when opportunities occur. Such circumstances may be created by others or we ourselves may find out ways and means of bringing out our skill. However, we shine better only in the light thrown on us by others.
Skill may be an open book but it should be excellent. There will be no need for us to channelise the hidden meanings. Skill is not for guiding us alone, but it is for guiding others also as well.
The Omniscient God is there. He measures everything. It would be grand if we offer all our skills at His Lotus Feet.
If we look keenly at the nooks, while sharpening our skill, we see ever so many directions.  Our eminence is not for being relished by our own selves. If it were so, then vanity would set in. We should not indulge in the trumpeting of our own names.
Our eminence should be spoken of only by others and they should be able to substantiate their observations, which should be based on love and admiration. Their praise should be meaningful.
One is goaded into action when others fail or when others make no attempt at all when action is needed. Appreciation is the first step for eminence and celebrity. It is the prize for devoted service. To follow the footsteps of our great ancestors is the easiest way for us to gain eminence.
The darkness of the night is removed when the day dawns. But our inner darkness makes us weep. It is destroying us. It makes us fall. It is always looking for the right moment to make us fall.
God is our only refuge. He is the Light to dispel the darkness that is within us. We are able to see the external darkness and know it, but we are unable to see and understand the darkness that is within us. Though we do not understand it, our actions would betray us. They would make others know our ignorance and the darkness that is within us. Our actions would not be appreciated and we would feel sorry.
The greatness we achieve brings fame to our parents also. In that way we would be showing our gratefulness to them. Greatness may bring us comforts but that is not all. There should be self satisfaction. Ever so many complications are intertwined in the narrow spaces of fame. Difficult situations are there. When all these twists are undone, a stage would come when we would ask ourselves “Why all this Celebrity?”
– MathiOli Saraswathy

Flute Magazine – October-December 2008 Issue