Nobleness is born out of good nature and good nature in turn is the result of a cultured mind.
Nobleness is like a cold mist that is salutary. This salutary effect kindles the desire to remain good natured  forever. Nobleness is a quality born out of culture. A cultured person has only good habits. He remains good forever, never changes and is the same always. There cannot be anything bad or even an atom of ill will in a cultured mind.
If we are refined by nature, that will always protect us. That would also be a source of help and inspiration to others. A good natured person’s actions and behaviour would clearly reflect his innate goodness or nobleness.
We dress elegantly to add to our external appearance and look foppish. But it cannot last long. It is changeable.
It is said that the face is the index of mind. ” As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.  So good disposition or manners are the only things that God has given us to exhibit our internal beauty.
We are elated when we remain by the side of good natured persons. Their mere look casts a magnetic spell. They are not showy. They are not impostors or hypocrits. They lay bare only what they have and their attitude and behaviour would clearly bring out their inner refinement.
Power, pelf and position should foster noble qualities. Only kind words born out of a cultured heart  will be able to subjugate even an enemy. That would make him think. Nobleness enkindleth nobleness. Naturally when noble qualities are displayed, it makes the antagonist think, fills him with awe and reforms him.
It goes without saying that high principles should be followed to lead a noble life. It is quite easy to live in whatever way you like but it is most undesirable. Setting up high moral standards in life and sticking to them under all circumstances would be a strictly cultured life.
One should place high values before life, which demands not only doing good but also thinking of the welfare of others whole heartedly and making every effort to achieve the same. Leading a noble life is not difficult. It is not an unscalable high peak. It has no unsolvable demands.
A qualitative life may get you the derision of others but remaining steadfast and sticking to principles are the marks of a seasoned mind. A well cultured life is a gift of GOD. Let us not spoil the values of life.
The world still goes on because there are still noble souls following a high principled life. Otherwise it would have been lost forever. Thus there are ever so many measures and dimensions even in nobleness  which are worth studying.
– Mathioli R. Saraswathy

Flute Magazine, July-Sept 2010 Issue