Divine Plan

Practice is essential.  But we should be very careful in this. A thing put into practice may appear easy in the beginning but when habituated we may find that it is not the right course of action. Then it would be very difficult for us either to give it up or follow it.  Habit is a good servant but a bad master.
Habituated action is next door to introducton. Some introduce themselves of their own accord. But some wait for being introduced. We cannot know unless properly introduced. Sometimes we have hazy, indefinite remembrances of persons we meet. We are not sure when and where we met and who they are?
Those who are eager to make acquaintances and enlarge friendships alone know the importance of being properly introduced. When once we get to know a person, the mind becomes restless in gathering more details about the person we have come to know. Whether it is right or wrong in itself,  is a big question. But this feeling of associating ourselves arises simply because of the fact that we would have had previous connections with the said person which are all beyond our perceptions.
God has made His creations dependent on one another. This dependence has it’s own equitable distribution. This is all divine play and set in motion on the stage of the world. Things and people come into contact with one another, drift along for sometime and then again separate themselves. These are all divine play. It is all the work of God  who brings us together  and then again separates us.
“The rock is slippery”, so saying some avoid certain places. “Let us try” is the attitude of yet some others who in spite of several falls manage to climb the rock. Only several falls will teach us the value of play.
Some may suceed without any fall. But it cannot be taken that everybody can succeed like that. They have been destined to succeed by the divine. The divine will not make us do a thing hastily. The divine will not make us do a thing hastily, if it is absolutely necessary. He will give us a long rope and free play and get things done in a slow, steady measured manner.
Fresh acquaintances, introductions and new practices and habits have some wonderful results  and make strange holds in life. These are all unshakable truths. Making associations itself is not a  big thing. But what we are going to achieve through that, how far will it be useful to the society -these are  all things that we should be anxious about.  
Practices spin like a top. How long will it be? Can it be made to spin & swirl again? There are ever so many questions like this that arise in life. We cannot easily find an answer. Some go on unanswered. Coming together, separating, making acquaintances, forming new habits and giving up old habits are all part of the divine play, laid upon us on the field of life.
– Mathioli R. Saraswathy 
Flute Magazine, Jan – March 2010 Issue