Rights should not be asked for, but should be given. It becomes laughable when asked, but when given it is as per merits. We have to put forth great efforts when we ask for our rights. But, instead of wasting our time in claiming our rights, if we devote ourselves whole heartedly on the tasks on hand, we would definitely get success.
The demands of rights will always be seeking this or that. But the rights we get should always be beneficial to others.
Rights should not be claimed as a matter of routine. We should make ourselves fit for the rights that we ask. Even while conditioning another, we should not think of the right we have,  to do so.
Rights are strong. They would tighten our relationship. But they may get stupefied by emotions. They enhance relationship but also cut relations.
Rights are not born out of empty talks. They should get themselves well established in our thoughts through our actions. Individual rights benefit only the individuals. But when a community obtains rights, chances are there for the establishment of a movement.
God alone runs towards us extending His arms so that we may rightfully lose ourselves. It is the right we have in God that fosters our faith. It is the same right that stands as a firm root of solace.
Fond expectations should not be there to assert our rights. If they are there let us take them. if not let us not bother. Even if it slides right will get up. True right will establish itself of it’s own accord.  Nothing can be separated from it.
We can wait long for getting unblemished rights. What is the use of a roof not properly thatched? Only sun and rain are there. How many truths, are there hiding in the nooks and corners of rights? We come to understand only when we look intently.
– Mathioli Saraswathy
Flute Magazine – Jan-March 2009 Issue