Light helps us to see things. We see ever so many things, but we do not observe them all.  There are several things that we fail to notice. All that we see do not get embedded in our minds.
Light dispels darkness. It removes tiredness and gives energy. The sunlight that comes after heavy and continuous rains gives us an un-understandable new energy.
Light shows us our way but we cannot walk stealthily in it. Light is bound by time. So, we should find out things, the things that we wish to know, when there is light. Once it is gone, we will have to wait till the next dawn.
But light should shine within us. That is the most important thing in life. Only then our hearts and minds would be elevated. To guide us in this regard, God himself is seated within us in the form of Light. This light that is within us is like the flame of a lamp. For making this flame glow without getting extinguished, we should be continuously pouring in the lamp, the ghee of our devotion to God.
Life itself is some sort of imprisonment to us. God has destined that we should experience prison life also, by placing limitations to our freedom. In such a life, we find only short comings, dissatisfaction and several bends. But even amidst such things our mind should be able to find satisfaction and get itself established in the light of contentment.
Light will never leave us. But it is we who draw ourselves away from it. At the heart of our hearts, we wish to have it, but to drive us away from it, even without our own knowledge, Maya encircles us.
Light cannot be bought. But if you yearn for it, you will get it in immense measure. The shadow of external objects is thrown into our room by a ray of light that creeps through a small hole.
Vision is there only when there is light. We should not be like the blind even though we have vision. For this we should have Divine Grace deeply fixed in our inner eye.
Even the light that comes through crevices has it’s own course of operation, continuous patterns and limitations. Even the things that are to be are given by God only in condensed forms.
– Mathioli R. Saraswathy
Flute Magazine,  Jan – March 2009 Issue