Speed is necessary. Ever so many changes take place on earth in a second. We have to be quick in order to involve ourselves in that.
Efficiency in work is not determined by speed alone, but by effects. If swiftness be the cause of an end then it gets wasted. Swiftness is a sort of thirst. It is not the same with everybody. The thirst and earnestness that one has to achieve an object makes one act swiftly.
You should not get disheartened or irritated when others with you are unable to cope up with your speed. Skill in understanding quickly alone is not enough but it should be combined with discrimination and also make others understand.
We should be careful about slippery places while we move fast. Such slips are waiting for an opportune moment.
Speed remains with us till the goal is achieved. When once the goal is reached, all swiftness automatically gets subsided in rest.
Time is the gift for speed. If we are not attentive it will push us back. It should be determined by us and not by others, for they cannot do it for us.
Speed cannot bear the burdens in life. But we have to bear them and they cannot be thrown away. That is why we have so many speed breakers in life.
Excessive or over speed will land us in danger. Carefully measured speed alone will remain steadfast and objective. So many crevices are there even in speed so that we may — carefully tread on the path of life. Only when we observe them with absorption, we will be able to get over all stumbling blocks.
– Mathioli R. Saraswathy 
Flute Magazine,  July-Sept 2009 Issue