PujyaSri Akka’s 70th Birthday Celebrations

Jai Nandalala!

Please find below a forwarded message about planning details for the upcoming Aparanji Mahotsavam celebrations.  As stated in the details below, you may participate in any way you can.
If you would like to donate towards the Matru Seva Hall construction, such donations may be made to Nandalala Mission to avail of tax deductions.
Donations for any other religious event or gold / silver coins may please be sent directly to the contacts mentioned in the attachment, in Rupees, or in form of gold / silver.
If  you do not find the information, please reply to Nandalala Mission, and we will direct you.  Due to the immense amount of coordination and preparation needed, donations are being accepted starting immediately.
1.Amrita Mrityunjaya Homam will be held on 30th December, 2009

2.Aparanji Mahotsavam {Kanakabhishekam} will be celebrated on 31st December, 2009.

3.New Year Day celebrations and SRIAKKAs Darshan will be on 1st Jan 2010 in the evening

4. Voluntary Donations from the devotees are Welcome

5. Amount donated will be bifurcated between Nandalala Seva Samithi Trust{30%} and SriNandalala  Religious Trust{70%} .Receipts will be issued for all donations by cash or cheque or in kind.

6.Donations for Nandalala Seva Samithi Trust is for the Matru Seva Hall and is eligible for deduction under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

7.Donations to Sri Nandalala Religious Trust is for meeting the Mahotsavam expenses and for distribution of Prasadam coins.  For donations above Rs1000 and up to Rs. 2499 a silver coin, for donation from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 2999 a gold coin and for donation from Rs 3000 and above a gold and silver coin will be given as Prasadam.  Please refer the details of Donation Acceptance committee members to reach your voluntary donations and to obtain receipts.

8.Devotees desirous of donating in kind ie gold/silver are requested to do so after obtaining a valuation certificate to enable the Religious trust to give a proper receipt.The Trust will give a receipt after obtaining an indpendant valuation which donors are requested to treat as final assessment.

9.The Prasadam coins distribution for donation in other than cash or cheque will also be on the same basis as point 8 above.

10.For donation in gold/silver please contact Mrs.Indu Balaji for details .Tel no 044 6499 5159 and 044 24933726