Celebration of Light

Jai Nandalala!

Lamps, Candles and Lights represent the Manifest Presence of God. The Slokha below is an invocation to that Divine Light.

Shubam karothi kalyanam
Aroghyam dhansampathaam
Mama budhi prakashaya
Deepam jyothi namosthuthe.

(I prostrate to thee oh Divine Light, the giver of health, wealth and prosperity. Endow me with an enlightened vision)

Light symbolises Purity, Goodness and Divinity. Pujya Sri Akka has in her book Deepa Vazhipadu mentioned the significance of Light thus:

Light is Form
Light is Life
Light is Truth
Light is Spring
Light is Sustenance
Light is Love
Light connects
Light is real
Light is complete.

What is Oli Hara Malai?

It is a garland of Ghee lamps encircling  Sri Nandalala’s sannidhi resembling a Haaram(like an ornament worn around the neck). The reflection  of the lamps, would beam on us from His Altar, and immerse us with feelings of immense Peace. This Oli Haara Malai is lit to reiterate the special bond that we share with the Divine.

This event will take place on March 10th 2009 at Sri Nandalala Temple,  Mylapore, Chennai-from 5 pm onwards.

It falls on a Full Moon day (Pournami) and the star is Magam.

The Committe members for this event extend a warm welcome to you,your family and friends to join us in this CELEBRATION OF LIGHT.