Sri Akka’s Tamil New Year Message, 2008

Pujyasree Mathioli R. Saraswathy’s Thamizh puthaandu – (Sarvadhari ) Speech

Date: 13th April 2008
Time:16:15pm -20:45pm
Venue:Sanskrit College, Roapettah, Chennai-4

Sarvadhari Varusham began with the Panchanga padanam by Sri. Rajan Sasthrigal followed by a mellifluous Flute recital by ‘Isai peroli’ Kalaimamani  Smt. Sikkil MalaChandrashekar accompanied on the Violin by Kum. Shraddha Ravindran.

Sri Akka began Her speech expressing Her delight on seeing Nandalala family gathered at large for the occassion. She thanked and complemented the musicians on their choice of songs which according to Her was a prelude for an auspicious beginning this year. She shared her cherished moments about Sanskrit College( venue) where Maha perivaya used to camp and address the public regularly. She not only attended but also addressed the gathering then.

Pointers for sarvadhari varusham:

1. Importance of languages
All languages to be respected as you would your mother tongue (Deva basha). Learning another language this year is good. By respecting other languages, a feeling of oneness will prevail.

2. Obstacles
Children between 5-10 years*, college goers and working people may face obstacles coming their way.(*Especially more)
Solution: Choose any one day of the week and offer Coconut Garland to Ganesha and also to Hanuman (provided the priest agrees!). If unable to do it immediately, set aside money and complete the task the next day.
The coconut garland can be done routinely on the chosen day of the week to achieve harmony within family and neighbours.

3. To accomplish important issues before deadline, write on a piece of yellow paper (a particular shade)* using any color ink and keep it wherever – even a purse is fine. Things will definitely work out favourably.

4. Rakshai: Children -girls /boys/adults should wear a Black color Rakshai this year. This should be tied on either the left hand or left feet. These will be available with: Smt. Lakshmi Halasiyam, Raji Ramakrishnan, Saraswathy Srinivasan, Visalam Chandru.

5. Need of the hour:
a. Anger management! (Sri Akka narrated a story but I will furnish the moral!).
When one is beset with situations that cause intense anger, intentional or otherwise, it wrecks internally and verbally. To over come severe damage to the self, one needs to learn to win over anger. But how? Visit Temples, attend Satsangs-not necessarily Sri Akka’s, She assures that She will be Present wherever we choose to be!) This will ensure that anger will subside definitely.

6. Sankalpam for the year:
Cultivate cordiality in speech, be gentle in tone while conversing, genuine deeds and be aware of the feelings and sentiments of others. This will garner respects from all.

7.Yoga Incorporate Yoga into your daily life. Meditation leads to clarity of thoughts.

8.Deiva Darisanam:
Each deity has a specific mudhra /puja. By meditating or observing these carefully our prayers reach quick!
The physical aspects to look out for while praying in front of:
a. Ganesha: the inner sole of His feet. (ullangkal).
b. Shivan: Third eye (Nettrikan).
c. Vishnu: His Feet.
d. Murugan: The black beauty spot on his cheek during Sandhana (Sandal) kappu and vibuthi (Holy Ash) kappu
e. Amman: Left hand. This is only for Devi since She is the One who accepts whatever we do!

9. Lord of this year: Rahu.

Worshipping him on Saturday is good. Chant Rahu Gayathri.
Rahu removes diseases, dosham, dhristi (evil eye) and fear of Death.
Visit temples that have Sivan as Aran moorty (Aran means snake)/Vishnu asAra moorthy Rahu Ketu and Adisheshan as Arava moorthy. Not all can go to Thirunageswaram. So look up to the above mentioned amsams while visiting temples
Close your eyes and sit for ten minutes everyday, think about anything that you wish to do. This is a special yogam to be able to do so..This will help strengthen your will power and help achieve your goal. Anger will dissipate, pleasant words will adorn your speech..

10. Eyes:
Right eye is Sun and the left is Moon.Look after your eyes..The inner vision will expand and goodness will prevail..

11. This year commenced when Lord Sukran was at His peak. Money will flow in easy for all, the lower middle class will move a notch higher and so too with the middle class.

12. Women:
This year is auspicious for all Sumangalis. Their prayers and wishes will be granted. They will spread their happiness to all.

13. Be alert while anwering queries from Children. Update yourself to answer specific and provide correct and valid information

14. Ancient idols will be unearthed from your ancestral homes this year.

Sri Akka concluded by saying
Let us welcome the year with happiness.



Many thanks to Mrs. Soundarya Ramji for typing out the message for us.