A visit to the Suraksha Dialysis Center, Chennai


The above low cost dialysis center at Chennai run by The Nandalala Medical Wing was visited by us ( Mrs. Shyamala & myself ) along with a Trustee of Sri Nandalala Religious Trust, Sri. T.L.Bhaskar Rao on 9th January last. Of course, we had expressed a desire to visit the center when we met Pujya Sri Mathi Oli Akka on 7th January, and She in turn immediately arranged for the visit thru’ The Medical Wing people who were there then.

The dialysis center is housed on the II floor of a private hospital and is provided with an elevator. Visitors are requested to change to rubber sandals provided by the hospital before entering the treatment hall.

One Mr. Venkatraman & Ms. Manju and being assisted by a couple of more helping hands are in charge of the center from 6.30 am till 6.30 pm. The center has currently 6 beds and are being used in 2 shifts – one in the morning & one in the evening. As each sitting takes a minimum of 4 hrs. each, only two shifts are possible now, but we were told that plans are afoot to make it a 3 shift operation so that 18 patients can be attended to in a day. They arrive at 6.30 am with their lunch boxes and see that the units are ready to start at 7.30 am. and stay behind till the closure at 6.30 pm. Both are committed in their work & took turns to explain us the various functions & show us the different machines.

Most of the equipments were imported from Germany and some supplied by their suppliers located in India. All the needles, tubes etc. once used are incinerated. The City’s Metro Water Dept. ensures water is supplied every week by tankers on a priority basis and all the 3 tanks that hold the water is cleansed every week under the supervision of Mr. Venkatraman. The water, then is softened with salt & chemicals. At Rs.500/= per sitting, we provide the most economical treatment for dialysis in the city and we are getting patients from Villupuram (100 miles away), Tiruvellore, and Tiruvannamalai. The patients include a B.Com. student (21 yrs) of one of the local women’s college who takes a sitting every week and some one in the age group of 60- 70 yrs. belonging to both sexes. The hall housing 6 beds is very neat, well ventilated & fully air conditioned. The patients before being admitted, are subjected to a blood test to ensure the blood group to which they belong to & whether they need any blood transfusion before they are put on the dialysis cot.

A diesel generator is kept on the top floor as a stand by if there were to be a power cut so that the A/C & the equipments continue to do their job without interruption.

With no advertisement of any sort, the center has always a waiting list. And some of the leading Nephrologists of the city are recommending patients to our center for treatment as they could not afford the cost at their centers.

As we left after nearly 2 hrs. with the team members & patients, we are left with no doubt the with Sri Akka’s blessings & with committed service of the technicians, The Center would grow further, faster catering to the need of so many economically weaker strata of the society. The dialysis center needs the support from all of us in any way it is possible for us to help. Let us come together for this noble cause & rise now. 

                                          ( T.R.Ramakrishnan)