Hayagreeva Homam, Bangalore — a report

With the kindest blessings of PujyaShri AKKA, i had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Homam performed in Bangalore on Sunday, December 2, 2007.
More than 1000 devotees including children exceeding 100 in number gathered in a packed and overflowing hall to participate in the Homam. There was an entertaining dance program followed by Prasadam distribution that included served lunch meals for all the participants. Volunteers from various chapters of Nandalala assisted the Bangalore chapter in making the event a huge success. 

Mr.Raghuraman from the Bangalore Chapter had invited Krishna to participate in the Homam. Krishna is the boy we had met in July 2007 at the milk distribution in a Bangalore School under our Project Balakrishna program. While addressing the children, PujyaShri AKKA sought for a boy amongst them with the name, “Krishna”, and asked that child to join HER on the dias. Krishna came up to the dias with only a stump as his left hand…
PujyaShri AKKA expressed HER desire to get Krishna an artificial hand. Here now, in December 2007, Krishna attended the Homam with the artificial hand in place.
Mr. Raghuraman who was instrumental in making this happen, under the guidance of PujyaShri AKKA, brought Krishna in with both arms. Amidst the huge gathering, PujyaShri AKKA found lots of time for a private audience with Krishna and inquire him about his new arm, about the doctor’s instructions on how to use the arm.
Laying his two hands together, massaging both hands HERSELF and then binding them with HER own hands, PujyaShri AKKA told him:
“Here are your two hands. Use it to your full capabilities so that you can do all the normal activities. Like become a photographer and take pictures, drive a car, etc.” 

PujyaShri AKKA with Krishna at the dias in July 2007
Thanks for all your help.
Best Regards,
Jai Nandalala!!!
Vic Iyer