PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Talk: January 2007

Extracts from PujyaSri Mathioli Saraswathy’s Speech, 1st January 2007, Chennai, India

The New Year Day this year begins on a Monday – more importantly on Pradosham day – a day very important for Lord Siva. Let us all chant OM NAMASHIVAYA for a few minutes before proceeding further….

I was received with Pancha Vadyam which is very popular in Kerala like our Nadaswaram. This piped instrument signifies Auspiciousness and is also called Mangala Vadyam. Practising Nadaswaram is like doing Pranayaamam as the vital organs of our body viz. Intestines, chest, throat, tongue, lips, cheeks and fingers combine in unison to produce such melodious music as Pranayama calls for such effort.

How is the year 2007 going to turn out? The sum of 2007 = 9 – itself gives us confidence – self confidence that it is possible for us to achieve and dispell the negative feeling that was haunting you.

This year is for worship of Lord Siva. Remember that there are 43 triangles in Sri Chakra, and each triangle denotes a DEVI and one of them is SEENTHAL who protects all medicinal herbs. Her colour is white and is responsible in the preparation of effective powders and potions, known as Churanam, Bhasmam and Lehiyam

The speciality of this year is that EGO will be of concern in many and to ward off ego, and promote selflessness, one must pray to Lord Siva to give us humility in our words and deeds.

This year people are likely to be cheated. By visiting Siva temples on Saturdays , New Moon days and on Kari Naal (Known as inauspicious day in Tamil almanacs) one can be protected. Chanting of Om Namashivaya and reading Siva Puranam, Margabandhu Stotram will do you good. Lord Siva is “Gajasamhara Moorthy”, who wears a tigerskin as his dress. Worship Lord Ganesha by chanting “Sarva vigna haram devam, Sarva vigna vivarjitham, Sarva siddhi pradatharam, Vandeham Gana Nayakam”.

This year may witness nature’s fury in sea shore towns. How? It may be by thunder storms, sea erosion, floods, earth quakes etc. So it should be our effort not only to educate those living in that area to move to more safer places but also guide them in their search for such places.

Children may be prone to get ill due to inadequate nutrition. Train them to eat nutritious food, on time. Inculcate good habits, moral character in children.

This year one must use more of Cumin (Jeeragam) in the form of powder, Jeera water, Jeera churan etc. Taking filtered Jeera water everyday cleans the system, purifies blood and enhances energy!Drinking boiled Jeera water with a mix of coriander seeds and pepper will free you from eye and ear pains.A special variety of rice called Jeera Samba rice – used with fried black pepper powder instead of chilli and mixed with ghee – will give not only added taste but will also enhance health.Suffering from memory loss? Black Jeera – is ideal for both adults and children. You will feel re-vitalised and be free from lethargic feelings.

Another herbal plant called Manathakkali Keerai (known as Black Nightshade Solanum Nigrum), which is good for the cure of cough; and if its juice is taken regularly for 20 days will act as a drug for deaddiction of alcohol. The leaves of this plant if cooked with Jeera, Ginger and Garlic and consumed regularly for 40 days (and with trust in God) would improve potency in men to become proud fathers.

Avoid being pessimistic in life and instead think of a golden future with optimism! Think that with your efforts you will succeed in all your endeavors not only for yourself but that you will also lead the path to success for others. When you do this every day with trust in God’s Grace, remember, the benefits are yours and the benefactors are your children.

Pujya Sri Akka also took everyone assembled on a tour of some very important places of worship that many had not seen or heard so far. She also narrated the importance of those places. And they are:

  1. In Tanjore district near Kumbakonam there is a place called THIRUVISAINALLUR. Here a temple built 700 years ago has Sri Yoga Nandeeswarar as the presiding diety. The marvel of this temple is that on the southern outer wall there is a clock which shows the time of the day from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm mainly with the aid of Sunlight rays. The clock is in a semi-circle shape with the hours shown with brass nails nailed in the walls and the time is measured by the shadows cast from the sunrays.
  2. VENNAINATHAR (Lord of Butter). Don’t mistake him to be KRISHNA, because the presiding diety is Lord Siva here. How did Lord Siva get the name ‘Vennainathar’. Kamadhenu, the Divine Cow, while grazing in a jasmine garden, ate a forbidden item since she was hungry and lost her original form and was born in this earth in the form of a tigress and had to lead a carnivorous life. As directed by Lord Siva, Kamadhenu did penance in this place and got back her original form – but could not get back to Devaloka. Her udders were filled with milk and was overflowing to form a lake. The cream turned solid into butter (Vennai in tamil). Saint Vasishta came and used the butter into making Sivalinga and started worshipping. When the Saint wanted to take the Linga with him to another place it wouldn’t budge and thus Siva became Vennainathar. As this problem (Sikkal in Tamil) came here, the place is called Sikkal. It is also here that Lord Muruga (also known as Singaravelan) received the VEL from His mother Sri Ambal to go to the Soora Samharam battle. As Lord Muruga came out with the VEL with such vigour and valour he had drops of sweat on his body and even today one can see droplets on His sculptured image. Lord Muruga went to Tiruchendur to fight with Soora Padman according to Kanda Puranam.

My blessings to all of you.

-Pujyasri Mathioli Saraswathy